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As on 31 Dec 2021

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13 Dec 2021

8 out of 10 PMSes Out-Performed Nifty in November

The Indian stock benchmark Nifty 50 fell 3.9% in November, but the declines in the broader market were gentler. Midcaps fell 2.7% while smallcaps were largely flat. Naturally, PMS strategies that usually spread their bets across the market performed better. As many as 219 PMSes out-performed the Nifty 50 in November, i.e. almost 83% of the PMS strategies tracked by PMS Bazaar. Due to the lop-sided nature of market performance this month, the best performing PMS strategies belonged to midcap, small & midcap, multicap, smallcap buckets. Here is a recap.

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17 Nov 2021

129 PMSes Beat Nifty in October

Smallcap, multicap and largecap schemes appear among toppers

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13 Oct 2021

140 PMSes beat Nifty's 2.84% gain in September

More than half of the PMS schemes, led by midcap strategies, out-perform the benchmark

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