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As a SEBI registered PMS, Globe offer Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management services since 2007. Over the last three decades, Mr Ashok Kumar Agarwal -Chairman, Globe Capital and Mr Yashpal Mendiratta- Managing Director, Globe Capital both Chartered Accountants, have built Globe Capital Market Ltd into a trusted institution through sheer dedication and hard work. Mr Ankit Agarwal -Director Globe Capital is actively involved and heads the Wealth Management and Portfolio Management Division. Mr Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst by qualification. Globe is an organisation that enjoys impeccable reputation in the industry as well as among investors.Globe Capital is one of the leading brokers and clearing members of all the major exchanges in India

Fund Managers

Mr. Ankit Agarwal

Director & Head, PMS

Mr. Ankit Agarwal is the Director at Globe Group of Companies. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst by qualification. He is in-charge of the overall Fund Management Division at Globe Capital including PMS, Investment Research and Institutional Investment Advisory. He has a great understanding and in-depth knowledge of Indian Capital Markets, Macro and Micro economic factors driving the economy.He heads the Wealth Management and PMS division at Globe guiding the team with the investment decision making process and the overall fund management activities. He has a special acumen for value investing and identifying multi-bagger companies with good quality management. He also has expertise in special situation arbitrage and use of derivatives to make use of various opportunities in the market.


Mr. Ajay Khandelwal

Fund Manager, PMS

Mr. Ajay Khandelwal is the Fund Manager at Globe Capital PMS. He has a total experience of 25 years in the Indian Capital Markets, of which 7 years has been at Globe PMS. Ajay holds a degree in Management and has done his B Sc (Hons) in Physics. Ajay is an avid reader, constantly updating himself with the happenings at the macroeconomic / sector specific and at the individual company level. He has an acumen for picking up value stocks; enjoys an enviable record of picking multi-baggers without making a compromise on the quality of management while choosing an investment candidate. Ajay possesses strong quantitative aptitude and adds significant value to the strategic and tactical asset allocation decision making process.


Globe Capital - Value - MULTI CAP

Globe Value has an envious track record of performance, outperforming the benchmark index consistently.. Globe Value aims to identify companies with both value and growth perspective across sectors with a view to secure steadfast long term returns navigating the investments through market ups and downs, with more active style of management, following a value based stock selection strategy. At Globe PMS, the key to creating and managing a portfolio is to understand the investor’s profile, factoring in the client’s objectives, risk appetite, return expectation, investment horizon and liquidity requirements .At Globe PMS we believe that clients' interests always come first - lf we serve our clients well, our own success will follow

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