Lakewater Advisors Private Limited

Lakewater Advisors Private Limited is a SEBI registered Portfolio Management Services provider. Registration Number INP000006767. Lakewater as an investment firm focuses on taking concentrated bets for the long term in high quality publicly listed Indian companies at reasonable valuations. As investment managers, our primary goal is to protect capital followed by our goal to generate returns that exceed the equity index return over the long term. Lakewater founded by a group of highly experienced and qualified professionals, motivated to carry across the globe fruit of India's high economic growth.

Fund Managers

Mr Pankaj Singhania

Co-founder & Fund Manager

Co-founder & Fund Manager Mr.Pankaj Singhania, a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and a Former Civil Servant, always had a distinctive knack for analysing company fundamentals in tandem with management credentials and collating it with the legal framework. His vast experience in Corporate Assessment, International Taxation,, Investigation, System scrutiny etc made him see companies through a very close lens of statutory legislation and corporate governance norms. He has an intricate experience of policy making, and how policy changes impact corporates at a much deeper and latent level. His confluence of macro and micro vision, rich experience of more than 25 years and close encounters with corporate who's who, has crystallized in the form of seasoned investment insights & strategies which surpass the market dynamics to an entirely different level


Lake Water Advisors - Lake Water - MULTI CAP

For us stock market is simply a platform where we can buy a piece of valuable businesses. Understanding business is more important to us than technical analysis and market algorithms. We focus more on people's economic behavior, changing social norms, their preferences than studying complex economic charts. We Focus on Basics.

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