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MOAT Financial Services Pvt Ltd. is a SEBI Registered boutique portfolio manager. The Company was co-founded by Mr. Biju John and Mr. Suraj Nair who have combined experience of over several years in fund management. Moat is an investment lifestyle, a superlative perspective on creating wealth through ownership in quality and productive businesses in the world’s fastest growing economy. Moat administers and manage a portfolio of shares or equities of a few great Indian businesses that has the ability to become really big by creating a barrier of entry or a niche in the larger space. Our aim is to identify small, efficient businesses that has a great competitive advantage run by smart visionary ambitious leaders that can really become the next megatrend in India. Our goal is to identify and invest at the early stages of undervalued, un-popular companies, that over time due to their uniqueness, greatness and scarcity of shares has the potential to get over-valued and popular. MOAT has a history of identifying several multi-baggers investment ideas early. Every equity investment that we make is viewed as if we were buying a piece of that particular business.

Fund Managers

Mr Chandrachoodamani N V

Head of Research

Mr Chandrachoodamani started his career in capital markets with a reputed Portfolio Manager in 2005. In a career spanning 18 years, he was worked with Portfolio Managers and Stock brokers in various roles. His last assignment was with a listed Equity Broking Co in a senior position in Equity research.  A graduate in Mathematics and a Post Graduate in Finance from a reputed institution, he is very passionate about research and investing. A regular follower of macro-economic trends, he is a generalist with respect to his research approach.  He works in tandem with CIO in investment and allocation decisions. 

Mr Suraj Nair

Founder & CIO

Mr Suraj is the co-founder of and Chief Investment Office with Moat Financial Services Pvt, a SEBI Licensed boutique portfolio management company  where he manages the funds and investments of a few set of clients and friends. He holds a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineer. He started his professional life abroad working with different IT/ITES/Software companies in the financial and Mutual Fund Domain. His career in capital markets started with a premier Portfolio Management company working in the capacity of Vice President – Investments.  Mr Suraj A full-time equity investor during the Lehman crisis, resigned his lucrative job, sold-off his apartment where he lived to mop up capital to invest in equities.  He spends his time talking to great businesses and great managements.  He lives his passion of propagating a true culture and spirit on equity investing. He believes equity investing is all about identifying small quality listed Indian listed businesses at its early stage, run by upright management or a first-generation owner promoter.  


Moat - SATTVIK Portfolio - MULTI CAP

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