NJ Asset Management Private Limited

NJ Advisory Services Pvt Ltd (NJAS) seek to bridge the gap between the financial needs of different investor and lack of time and energy or lack of knowledge to maintain the investment. They fill this gap by providing customised Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to clients. Their offerings are discretionary PMS products that help the client to meet their specialized portfolio management needs. It is SEBI registered Portfolio Manager and are based in Surat.

Fund Managers

Mr. Viral Shah

Fund Manager

Mr. Viral Shah. He has close to 20 years of experience in Investments research and funds management. He has been associated with the group since the last 17 years. He has been responsible for setting up and running the funds management practice at NJPMS since 2010. He’s also the Principal officer for the business. He specializes in building and running Quantitative and Rules Based investment models and products that have been running at NJPMS since its inception. His analytical bent of mind and his capability to setup models for Rules based investment has been very useful in creating a robust investment process as a part of the business. The unique product range that he’s spearheaded in terms of launch and management have been hailed as unique and have helped NJPMS create a separate space for itself.


NJ Asset Management - Dynamic Stock Allocation - MULTI CAP

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NJ Asset Management - Bluechip - MULTI CAP

Bluechip Strategy would consist of 15 stocks. The portfolio is unbiased towards the market caps and is also sector agnostic. Identify strong companies based on parameters such as Revenue Growth, ROCE, RoE, Free Cash Flow and Loan Growth. Companies should be part of top 300 companies based on total market capitalisation. .Generally, rebalancing will be done once a year.

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NJ Asset Management - Dynamic ETF Allocation Portfolio - ETF

Dynamic ETF Allocation Strategy Optimise Returns through proper Asset Allocation of Equity and Debt asset classes from time to time. Debt schemes / Arbitrage funds are selected based on lower credit risk, volatility, exit charges, better tax efficiency. Asset allocation rebalancing will be done on a half yearly basis and Security rebalancing will be done on a yearly basis

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NJ Asset Management - Freedom ETF - ETF

Freedom ETF Strategy would consist of a basket of ETFs tracking various indices. The universe for this portfolio is the entire universe of ETFs available. The portfolio will be reviewed on a yearly basis. ETFs follow the changes of underlying index. Changes in underlying index are also based on predefined quantitative parameters. Hence, there are no bias related underlying securities which may present in active funds.

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NJ Asset Management - Multicap - MULTI CAP


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