Wizemarket Analytics Private Limited (Capitalmind Wealth)

Capitalmind Wealth is a fintech enabled Wealth Management solution. We’re a SEBI registered portfolio management service and use online goal based financial planning to tailor each users investments to match their needs. Our algorithms help us switch between debt and equity based on market conditions and the users preferences.

Fund Managers

Mr. Anoop Vijaykumar

Head of Research and Fund Manager

He has worked as a Business Strategy & Operations Consultant with Kearney, and has held various leadership roles at Honeywell, Zomato, and Microsoft. He completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University.

Mr. Deepak Shenoy

Fund Manager

Founder Capitalmind.in, CEO of Algo Trading Firm (Moneyoga), Director of Strategy at Quant Hedge Fund (Estee Advisors) and CEO India of Flovate Technologies acquired by WNS, Computer Engineer from NIT Surathkal.


Wizemarket - Capital Mind - Long Term Portfolio - MULTI CAP

The Capitalmind Long Term Portfolio is an actively managed diversified portfolio with a focus on longterm fundamental growth over small,mid and large caps.

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Wizemarket - Capital Mind - Market Fund - LARGE CAP

The Capitalmind Market portfolio is a strategy designed to invest in stocks/equities without trying to predict which fund manager is most likely to deliver the best returns over the next1, 5 or 10 years. 

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Wizemarket - Capital Mind - Momentum Portfolio - MULTI CAP

The Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio is a rule-based investing system that buys outperforming securities and avoids – or sell short –underperforming ones every month based on following the trend

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