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Joindre believe creating steady long term returns through Value Investing, to be the most sensible way of wealth creation. This is a proven approach adopted by great investors over the years and we believe it to be most sensible approach in achieving a balance between capital protection and capital appreciation. They have a single product, the JOINDRE VALUE FUND. This fund is ideal for Investors seeking patient, steady, safe superior returns through investment in equity markets. The investment strategies will be based on thorough research, analysis and evaluation of individual investment options. A bottom–up strategy of investment will be adopted and stock picking is done based on the understanding that “Sales is Vanity; Profit is Sanity &; Cash Flow is Reality”.

Fund Managers

Mr V Jayaram

Fund Manager

Jayaram is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years of experience in equity research and funds management. He was the Fund Manager managing the PMS funds for investors at Shreyas Stocks Pvt. Ltd. He was instrumental in generating winning ideas and market beating returns for investors across different business and market environment which covers bull and bear markets, interest rates and inflation cycles, energy prices cycles, various political formations etc. He is an ardent believer and follower of value investing philosophy. His experience and in-depth understanding of markets and financials ensure that each investment decision will be in the utmost interest of the client portfolio.


Joindre - Value Fund - MULTI CAP

Stock Selection is market cap agnostic. We understand that price and value are two different things. - VALUE HUNTING. Investment is contemplated only when the value determined is greater by at least 15% to the current market valuation. - MARGIN OF SAFETY. Invest in companies with high standards of corporate governance and high moral values. We are comfortable investing in such companies going through tough times because of external environment rather than investing in companies declaring great numbers belying environment. - SHIELD OF QUALITY

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