Hanut Alternate Investments LLP


Fund Managers

Mr. Arjun Singh

Founding Partner, Fund Manager PMS

Arjun is a founding partner of Hanut Alternate Investments LLP and manages the Hanut Fundamental Quant (HFQ) fund. He started looking at markets in a professional manner in 2007 and has seen multiple moods of the markets in the last 14 years. Over the years he has explored many different styles of investing including being purely fundamental to being a momentum investor. Refining his investment strategy, he realised he was most comfortable with methods that negate personal bias and outlook from investment decisions. The current strategy followed by HFQ is a distillation of his research work over the years and provides a purely systematic approach to building an equity portfolio.


Hanut - Fundamental Quant - MULTI CAP

To generate higher returns than the benchmark NSE500 Total Return over a cycle.

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