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Turtle Wealth Purpose is to “Create Wealth in most Disciplined and Systematic Way”, They are a bunch of mavericks yet disciplined team working flawlessly for Wealth Creation. Their distinct core forte is to build process driven investing and trading systems that has less art and more science. For clients, we offer Portfolio Management Services (SEBI Registered) and 360 ° Wealth Management Services to create Long-Lasting Wealth. Our CEO & Fund Manager has also written a Best Seller book called 212 Degree the Complete Trader on his journey and ideas to be a successful Trader and Investor.

Fund Managers

Mr Rohan Mehta

Fund Manager

Rohan Mehta is the CEO and fund manager of Turtle Wealth Management, which is among one of the very few companies who are a non-broker PMS. He is the author of 212 Degree the Complete Trader. He has trained over one lakh investors and traders and specialises in quant investing. He is an MBA graduate with almost 15 years of experience in the markets and is very renowned in Gujarat with several achievements and mentions in national newspapers.


Turtle Wealth - 212 ° Wealth Mantra - MULTI CAP

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