Led by Dr. Naresh Gupta and Raman Nagpal, both veteran computer scientists, entrepreneurs and global business executives, the original focus of the fund was to manage their proprietary funds. However, given the outperformance of its strategies over the years, Accuracap diversified into managing third-party funds for HNIs, Family offices, and institutional investors. Accuracap currently manages over $230 million of assets, primarily in the Indian public equity space. At the core of the Investment System at Accuracap is the basic philosophy that a portfolio comprising of a bunch of top-notch businesses with a “moat around their business model”, bought at a historically reasonable valuation and held for the medium to long term will invariably beat the market and most other funds by a reasonable margin. Accuracap has evolved a unique ranking algorithm that conducts extensive “Spatio-temporal” analysis of every business in its investment universe, by comparing it against every other business over space and time. This helps to narrow down the list to some very high-quality businesses. The key strategy is to hold on to winning ideas and wipe out losers at regular intervals based on the concept of spatial-temporal analysis.

Fund Managers

Dr. Naresh Chand Gupta

Inventor and CEO

A Corporate Executive, Computer Scientist, and a prolific Researcher, Naresh is a Gold medalist from IIT-Kanpur and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. Before pursuing investing fulltime, Naresh was the founder and Managing Director of Adobe India from 1997 till March 2015. He conceived and grew Adobe's presence in India to 3500+ engineers over 18 years. Under his leadership, 40% of Adobe's core research and development was done at the Indian campus and several hundred global patents filed from campus. As part of Adobe's global executive team, he was running one of the three global businesses in Adobe's $8 Billion portfolios. Naresh is a prolific researcher and inventor. He is the author of several widely referred and seminal scientific papers in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision. He holds seven Individual U.S. Patents. 

Dr. Raman Nagpal

Inventor and CIO

A Computer Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Executive.  Raman has a deep background in technology and finance.  He has been the inventor and founder of several technologies and new businesses in the area of adaptive learning engines, spurious drug detection system and application of data analytics in stock markets. Before pursuing investment fulltime, he was at Adobe Systems for 13 years where he was running a $200 Million global business. Raman holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from Delhi Institute of Technology and a Masters in Computer Science from BITS Pilani.  He also earned a Masters in International Business and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  He is a certified Corporate Director from Insead Business School. He has over 20 years of experience of investing in Indian markets and running global businesses – large enterprise as well as his own start-ups.  


Accuracap - Alpha10 - LARGE CAP

Alpha 10 has a diversified portfolio, comprising of 12 – 35 high-quality Companies with Intelligent Ranking Algorithm, having a strong focus on Business Fundamentals and Risk Management. Investments under the strategy predominantly comprise of stocks having Larger Market Caps. The objective is to outperform the BSE 100 Index with a high level of liquidity and lower impact cost.

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Accuracap - Alphagen - MULTI CAP


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Accuracap - AlphaGenNext Fund - CAT - III

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Accuracap - Picopower - SMALL CAP

The portfolio consists of 12-35 high-quality companies shortlisted on the basis of the intelligent ranking algorithm, strong focus towards business fundamentals and risk management. The strategy keeps a blend of growth and risk control keeping an average holding of 2 years and rebalancing the portfolio once a year.The objective of the strategy is to outperform the returns generated by the BSE Small Cap Index

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Accuracap Vectra Fund AIF - CAT - III

Fundamental long only equity strategy Aims to generate superior returns, Flexible and efficient capital allocation structure that can invest across market capitalizations depending on market conditions, Superior alternative to traditional large cap equity funds, a unique asset class for Indian investors

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