Dr. Naresh Chand Gupta

Inventor and CEO

A Corporate Executive, Computer Scientist, and a prolific Researcher, Naresh is a Gold medalist from IIT-Kanpur and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. Before pursuing investing fulltime, Naresh was the founder and Managing Director of Adobe India from 1997 till March 2015. He conceived and grew Adobe's presence in India to 3500+ engineers over 18 years. Under his leadership, 40% of Adobe's core research and development was done at the Indian campus and several hundred global patents filed from campus. As part of Adobe's global executive team, he was running one of the three global businesses in Adobe's $8 Billion portfolios. Naresh is a prolific researcher and inventor. He is the author of several widely referred and seminal scientific papers in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision. He holds seven Individual U.S. Patents. 

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