PMS BAZAAR invites Non Resident Indian investors to take this opportunity to invest and benefit from Portfolio Management Services. NRIs may find Portfolio Management Services difficult or confusing and we’re happy to help you understand and simplify your investing experience.

Benefits for NRIs investing through PMS BAZAAR

  • Advice on NRI investment procedures.
  • Structuring / restructuring of your portfolios.
  • Maximizing returns while minimizing risks.
  • Unbiased recommendations with assured transparency.
  • Sound advice backed by in-house research based metrics.
  • Guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Who is a NRI ?

A Non Resident Indian (NRI) as per India’s Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA), is an Indian citizen or Foreign National of Indian Origin, residing outside India for purposes of employment, carrying on business or vocation in circumstances as would indicate an intention to stay outside India for an indefinite period. An individual will also be considered NRI if his stay in India is less than 182 days during the preceding financial year.

Process and documentation for NRIs ?

NRIs will have to open a PIS Account as required under RBI guidelines in order to invest in the PMS scheme, we provide assistance in availing PMS and PIS accounts.

There are a few mandatory documents required for opening NRI PMS account ? Click here

Why PMS ?

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are for investment portfolios in fixed income, stocks, cash, debt, structured products and other individual securities that can be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. Investing in PMS allows you to own individual securities unlike mutual funds, where you get to own units of the fund. It’s flexible and allows customization of your portfolio to address personal preferences and financial goals that you set for yourself.

Benefits of Investing in PMS

Professional and active management

Portfolio Management Service has qualified and experienced portfolio managers backed by a strong research team managing portfolios on behalf of clients instead of the clients managing it themselves.

Customized / Tailor Made investment advice

Portfolio Management Services provide tailor-made professional services to meet the investment objectives of various investors. The Portfolio manager builds and manages each portfolio keeping in mind the strategy selected and the timing of the investment.


PMS Investors will directly own the portfolio stocks in their DP. Every transaction is intimated to the investor. PMS is transparent in terms of expense ratios with 24/7 online access to investors.

Superior Returns

PMS can be more aggressive and has the potential to generate superior returns. Portfolio managers may choose to have meaningful exposure to such companies as well as hold on as long as they are delivering growth by adding value and superior returns.


The tax on the investment portfolio held in a PMS is treated at an individual investor level. Depending on the holding tenure of each investment, Long Term Capital Gains ( LTCG ) Tax or Short Term Capital Gains ( STCG ) Tax might be applicable.

How PMS is different from Mutual Fund :

OBJECTIVE Portfolio Management Services provide tailor made professional service offer to meet the investment objective of various investor Mutual Funds schemes are structured to meet the funds stated investment objective.
OWNERSHIP In PMS Investors will directly own the portfolio stocks in their DP. Mutual Funds Trustees will own the stocks of the fund and investors will be allocated Units.
MINIMUM INVESTMENT As per SEBI regulation, minimum thresholds for investing in PMS is Rs 50 Lakhs by way of stock or cash/or combination of both. Mutual Funds Investment thresholds as low as Rs. 500.
CUSTOMIZATION Customization is possible to meet special or specific requirements of investors. No customization possible in mutual funds.
PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION Majority of PMS portfolio are focused portfolios constructed within 15 to 25 stocks Majority of MF portfolio are diversified portfolios with more than 50 stocks.
PORTFOLIO STOCK WEIGHTAGE PMS fund manager has flexible to allocate any weightage to single stocks. Mutual Funds restrict maximum allocation cap to single stock of not more than 10 %.
IDEAL INVESTOR The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients Mutual Funds being structured for a wide mass of retail investors

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I am an US-based NRI, had a tough time finding the right PMS providers in India until I came in contact with PMS Bazaar. Many PMS providers don't offer services to US and Canada based NRIs. PMS Bazaar narrowed down their search not only to find the PMS providers who can help me invest in equities in India but also the ones who have consistently delivered good returns,Had PMS Bazaar not advised me of these PMS providers,I would have invested in Mutual Funds. In the first one week of our interaction, PMS Bazaar arranged calls with as many as eight PMS providers to let me choose the best among them. Initially, I was considering to invest all of my savings from NRO and NRE accounts through one PMS providers, but later we decided to divide it between multiple PMS providers, thanks to PMS Bazaar for their advise and the variety of PMS providers. PMS Bazaar’s Experts understands the client requirement precisely. There are many instances they answered my questions even before I asked them. They are very helpful, picked my calls as late as 11pm IST and also on weekends.
Great job, PMSBAZAAR. Thank you!

Mr. Vinay Revankar

NRI - United States of America

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