Agreya Capital Advisors LLP

Agreya Capital is a SEBI registered portfolio management service provider offering both discretionary and non-discretionary fund management services. Agreya means “First” in Sanskrit as we aim to become our client’s first choice in Investment management. The firm has mandated Edelweiss Group for providing custody, fund accounting and broking services to our clients.

Fund Managers

Mr. Arjun Narsipur

Co-CIO and Fund Manager

Arjun is a seasoned finance and markets professional with over 14 years of experience across equity, FX, global markets and treasury risk management. His area of focus is converting investment philosophies into testable, repetable processes and algorithms.

Mr. Shailendra Agarwal

Co-CIO and Fund Manager

Shailendra has 17 years of experience in debt capital markets and structured finance. This expericne gives him a unique balance sheet perspective of businesses. He has a keen sense of valuig a business and marrying it with it's business prospects.


Agreya - Concentrated Value Discovery Strategy - MULTI CAP

The strategy evaluates drivers such as earnings growth, price-multiple expansion, competitive positioning and return metrics among others and a bottom up approach is used to identify potential multi-baggers. It demonstrates patience for value to be discovered and hence remains committed over a long period of time.

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Agreya - Diversified Growth Strategy - LARGE & MID CAP

The underlying philosophy of this strategy is that a Company's stock performance over time is largely determined by earnings growth and its consistency. The strategy uses a factor-based approach to shortlist C 20 stocks based on key criteria that the firm believes in. This portfolio is actively managed using a proprietary process with an aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over the Benchmark indices.

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Agreya - Exposure Equity Index Strategy - LARGE CAP

The strategy tracks the Nifty and Bank Nifty index with the sole aim of delivering a better risk-adjustred return than both. i.e. high erturns at lower drawdowns and volatility.

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Agreya - Index Multiplier - LARGE & MID CAP


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