Alchemy Capital Management

Alchemy Capital Management Pvt Ltd. (Alchemy India) is registered as a Portfolio Manager with SEBI (Reg. No: INP000000365) & started its asset management business in 2002. The group (including Alchemy India’s Singapore subsidiary) has over 18 years of long- term track record.The group has a very stable and experienced team of investment professionals with experience of managing funds through bull and bear cycles. Currently, Alchemy India provides Discretionary, Non-Discretionary PMS and Investment Advisory services to Individuals, Corporate and Institutional clients.

Fund Managers

Mr. Amit Nadekar

Portfolio Manager

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Amit Nadekar has worked across equity research, corporate strategy, taxation and audit over the last one and a half decades. He started his career on the sell side, tracking the US banking & financial sector; later moving on to the corporate side as a part of the Corporate Strategy team at Raymond. He has been a part of the Alchemy investment team since 2005.

Mr. Hiren Ved

Co-Founder & CIO

Mr. Hiren Ved is the Co-founder, Director, CEO and CIO at Alchemy Capital Management. He started his equity market career in 1991 and worked on both sell side and buy side research roles for the first nine years of his career, before joining Alchemy to spearhead the firms Asset management business in the year 2000. Hiren has deep knowledge across sectors and is known for his bottom-up research and stock picking skills. He has built a long-term track record of generating significant alpha over the last 18+ years. 

Mr. Vikas Kumar

Fund Manager

With over 19 years of equity market experience, Mr. Vikas Kumar has expansive experience that includes equity analysis, private client fund management and strategy building on a sell-side institutional desk. He specializes in creating data-based quantitative algorithms & mathematically objective implementation strategies. His unique research paper on investment methodology, A Quantitative System for Reflexive Financial Markets, earned him a U.S. copyright. He pursued a BA in Math from Delhi University, qualified for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), was a state-level National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) merit scholar and one of the national CBSE toppers. Priorto Alchemy, he worked with Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking and collaborated at Reliance Capital. He was also nominated as one of the best Quant Analysts in Asia by Institutional Investor magazine in 2009.


Alchemy - Ascent - MULTI CAP

Portfolio on an average holds 25 -30 stocks.Market Capitalization Cut-off: INR 4,000 Crores, Quality Filters, Negative Marking for Unfavorable factors such as Balance Sheet ratios, Daily change in Rank / Score of Individual Stock (Using Fundamental Data) , Draw-Down / CAGR nonperformer. Operational risk minimized using automation of processes.

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Alchemy - High Growth - MULTI CAP

Alchemy High Growth Diversified aims at generating long term returns by investing in equities and equity related instruments across market capitalizations, with a Mid cap bias to take advantage of scale-up of Business / growth companies best equipped to take advantage of emerging opportunities with long-term approach to wealth creation

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Alchemy - High Growth Select Stock - MULTI CAP

Alchemy High Growth Select Stock is a concentrated portfolio aiming at generating long term returns by investing in equities across market capitalization, with a mid cap bias. Well researched bottom-up approach with High conviction to identify superior Businesses and to take concentrated bets(8 to 12 stocks) with Midcap bias and long-term approach to benefit from earnings growth & re-rating.

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Alchemy - Leaders - LARGE CAP

Alchemy Leaders is a diversified portfolio aiming at generating long term returns by investing in equities and equity related instruments, predominantly in large cap stocks.Invest minimum 75% in Large-cap/ Diversified & focused on 12-to-15 stocks / growth companies who are Leaders in their field/ bottom-up approach with high conviction & steady return potential

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