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28 Feb 2021

Outperform by Having the Right Company Doing the Right Things

About 10 years ago a tea manufacturing company using child labour was documented on a TV channel. Within a short span of time, their entire business collapsed as buyers, distributors etc. refused to work with a company that exploits children. That was 10 years ago. Today, ESG stands for ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance -- investing is being actively used by investors to apply non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. In a special PMS Bazaar one-hour session, Andrew Holland (CEO Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP) and Abhay Laijawala (MD Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP) talked about ESG investing trends and showcased their offering: Avendus Capital Large Cap ESG. Read on...

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15 Feb 2021

Why Your Portfolio Should Be Ready For The New Growing India

2020 taught investors many lessons and the new year started off on the right note with a unique Budget that lays out a vision for a new economy. Equity investing is built on optimism about the future. Yet, it is important to learn from the old ways. But when the country itself is on it way to transforming into something new, should investors still play the old themes? This all-important question was addressed by Aniruddha Sarkar, the CIO and Portfolio Manager at Quest Investment Advisors in a special PMSBazaar webinar. Bringing with him over 14 years of experience in the capital markets with diverse role managing money for investors across PMS, AIF and Advisory business, Sarkar shared interesting insights about the necessity to play the new economy, rather the new growing India. Read on know more.

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09 Feb 2021

70% PMSes outperformed Nifty; top funds generate 7-9 % in a bearish January

In this monthly review, we also look at how different PMS categories have done across more than 190 schemes

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