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NAFA Capital Advisors, the parent company of NAFA Asset Managers, is an India-focused, integrated financial services platform with activities in investment management and corporate advisory. NAFA Capital Advisors specialises in providing a variety of financial services, advisory services and asset management services across a broad array of asset classes under a single umbrella. The NAFA Group's asset management business includes a private equity fund, public equities & debt market investment management and wealth management services with a wide suite of products to invest in. NAFA will also be launching its Fintech Lending platform towards the end of 2020.The NAFA Group has a team of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in their areas of focus. With decades of combined experience in the financial sector and the group's unmatched network across sectors, NAFA is uniquely armed to enhance profitability and drive business growth.

Fund Managers

Mr Balaji Vaidyanath


Mr. Vaidyanath is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Crest Wealth. He has an experience of more than a decade in equity markets first as a research analyst and then as a portfolio manager at Sundaram Asset Management. His track record as a fund manager for Sundaram portfolio managers for almost seven years has been impressive across six diverse strategies. He has delivered consistent returns outperforming the portfolio benchmarks by over 100% across strategies till December 2015 when he relinquished charge. His ability to stay way ahead of the broad market in bearish phases is a key strength. Under watch, the asset base of Sundaram Portfolio Managers rose 12-fold to Rs 1300 Crores in a period encompassed by short bullish and bearish phases and a high degree of volatility. High conviction, lengthy holding period, low churn and willingness to stay in cash are integral to his fund management style. With Mr. Vaidyanath as a CEO and CIO, Crest Wealth Management offers prospective investors a platform that rests on a solid footing.


NAFA - Emerging Bluechip Portfolio - MID CAP

To invest in small and medium cap businesses with visionary management having potential to scale up and grow exponentially over a 5 to 7 year period. Bottom up approach will be used to invest in high quality small and mid-cap stocks with sound managements, strong brands, superior return ratios, low leverage, high fixed asset turnover and scope for operating leverage. Top down approach will be used via cash calls to counter macro-economic uncertainties.

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NAFA - Small Cap Portfolio - SMALL CAP


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