29 May 2024

Strategic Hedging: A Pillar of Effective Risk Management

Risk is part of any investment. Learn how to effectively manage risk from this informative presentation from Dolat Capital, held at PMSBazaar Bengaluru Conclave.

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28 May 2024

A basic outline of long-term quant investing in Indian markets

A webinar on "Long-Term Quant Investing in Indian Markets" was hosted by PMS Bazaar and featured Anirudh Garg, Fund Manager at INVasset. Read more to know what was discussed

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27 May 2024

What are the investment opportunities in Indian Residential Real Estate?

Here is a summary of an interesting presentation from ASK on investment opportunities in the Indian residential real estate market from PMSBazaar Bengaluru Conclave 2024

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25 May 2024

PMS vs Gold: PMS glitters more than gold in 10 years

In a study conducted by PMSBazaar, PMS investment approaches outshines gold and equity market returns in the long-term (10 years).

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24 May 2024

Debt PMS - A new alternative in debt investing

One of the insightful discussions on Debt PMS, at the PMS Bazaar Conclave 2024 held in Bengaluru, from Sundaram Alternates.

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23 May 2024

How do PMS fund managers navigate the market to deliver alpha?

An eminent panel sat together in PMS Bazaar Conclave 2024 held in Bengaluru to show how fund managers get their excess market-beating returns. Given all the spotlight on the India growth story, they shed light on which macro factor was driving this economic upswing.

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20 May 2024

AIF Performance: Most category 3 long-only AIFs deliver superior returns in April

The month of April saw AIF bounce back strongly after a relatively moderate showing in March. Key indices were up reasonably during the month. The Nifty TRI was up 1.24% during the month, while the broader market BSE 500 TRI delivered a stronger 3.44%.

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18 May 2024

A 5-year PMS performance story: Large cap vs small cap vs mid cap

On average, equity PMS investment approaches have delivered 18.99% returns beating the benchmark in the past five financial years (as on March 2024).

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15 May 2024

April Performance: PMS strategies record stellar performance in April

The month of April was very positive for PMS strategies, even as key indices recorded reasonable returns during the month.

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13 May 2024

Rule change: How do SEBI norms attract higher NRI investments in India?

The market regulator, SEBI, has made amendments for foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) based in IFSCs to accept 100% contribution from NRI, OCI or resident Indians Read more to understand.

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10 May 2024

How is technology shaping the wealth management industry?

PMS Bazaar kicked off season 2 of the Alternate Universe series with Sundaram Alternates. The first episode of this series was on the topic “Emergence of Tech Enabled Wealth Management Services”. Learn why and how technology helps

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09 May 2024

How has SEBI eased digital onboarding for PMS investors?

The Indian market regulatory, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has recently released a circular (May 2024) to portfolio managers to facilitate ease in the digital onboarding process for clients and enhance transparency through additional disclosures. The changes shall be applicable from October 1, 2024.

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07 May 2024

What can investors learn from the legendary investor Warren Buffet? 3 key Takeaways

Warren Buffett's recent shareholder letter and Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting offered valuable insights for investors. He emphasises long-term investing and focusing on a company's fundamentals, viewing market dips as buying opportunities. Additionally, diversification across asset classes is a key principle in his investment philosophy, reminding investors to spread their risk.

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06 May 2024

How to Invest in Global Alternative Assets?

PMS Bazaar recently organised an exclusive NRI webinar titled “The Ease of Investing in Global Alternatives: The Abans Way.” It featured Bhavik Thakkar, CEO of Abans Investment Managers. This blog covers multiple topics including the intricacies of arbitrage funds, understanding fee structures and regulatory compliance to optimise returns and clarity on cross-border investments.

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30 Apr 2024

Why invest in PMS? Top 5 reasons

Portfolio management services (PMS) are gaining popularity among wealthy Indians due to their attractive returns and personalised service. Unlike mutual funds, PMS has a higher minimum investment and caters to a more exclusive clientele. PMS firms typically employ fund managers who design portfolios tailored to investors' needs.

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23 Apr 2024

All you need to know about pre-IPO mid-market investments

PMS Bazaar hosted a webinar titled ‘Unveiling Pre-IPO Mid-Market's J Curve Opportunity,’ featuring Nishad Khanolkar, Fund Manager at Pantomath AMC. The webinar delved into various investment strategies and pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering) investment in the mid-market space.

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20 Apr 2024

AIF March 2024 Performance: Amidst moderate markets, select category 3 long-only AIFs outperform

Despite a volatile market in March, some Category 3 long-only Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) surpassed the key benchmarks and delivered robust outperformance. Read to know more about the top performers.

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16 Apr 2024

PMS March 2024 performance: Select PMS strategies shined as markets remained moderate

The Indian stock market was volatile in March due to valuation concerns and new regulations. Despite the volatility, the main indices still managed to end slightly positive with large-cap stocks outperforming the broader markets. While the average PMS approach delivered (-)1.2%, some still gave a formidable performance.

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12 Apr 2024

Where do Portfolio Management Services (PMS) invest?

PMS investment approaches invest across stocks, bonds and a mix of both for balanced risk and return. Portfolio managers offer a balanced mix between equity and debt based on investors' risk tolerance. Read more to understand where PMSes invest.

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05 Apr 2024

PMS checklist: What you should know before investing in PMS?

There are checklists to look at before investing in any PMS approaches. So here are the top 5 basic pointers to check:

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04 Apr 2024

How to find opportunities across sectors and market caps?

PMS Bazaar hosted a webinar titled ‘Seizing opportunities across sectors & market caps’ featuring Naysar Shah, Fund Manager at Credent AIM Multi-Cap Strategy. The webinar discussed India's strong economic outlook, the potential of the manufacturing sector, navigating investments, portfolio management, and dealing with market volatility. Shah emphasised understanding individual companies and long-term investing for wealth creation, rather than trying to predict market movements.

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02 Apr 2024

Journey from an Intrapreneur to an Entrepreneur

PMS Bazaar hosted the last webinar for the year on the Sundaram Alternate Series on the topic: Journey from an Intrapreneur to an Entrepreneur. The webinar featured Nitin Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Neo Wealth and Asset Management, with Vikaas M Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Hitungshu Debhnath, Chief Business Officer, both from Sundaram Alternates.

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27 Mar 2024

How to invest when markets are at all-time high?

Market highs can be both exciting and unnerving for investors. PMS Bazaar's recent webinar, "How to Invest When Markets are All-Time High?" tackled this question, offering guidance from expert fund managers - Vaibhav Shah and Hemal Shah of Torous Oro PMS. This blog dives into the key takeaways from the webinar, equipping you with valuable investment strategies to navigate all-time-high markets.

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25 Mar 2024

Can PMS Investments Consistently Outperform? 10-Year Data Suggests Yes

Within the PMS Bazaar universe, over 77% of PMSes outperform their respective benchmark in 10 years.

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19 Mar 2024

AIF Performance: Cat 3 long-only AIFs outperform despite a moderate Nifty rally

In February several category 3 long-only Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) managed to make significant gains while the markets saw reasonable but modest gains, with standard benchmark indices moving up. The month saw the Nifty rally by 1.32%, while the broader market BSE 500 gained 1.66%.

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18 Mar 2024

Value investment in today’s market: An overview from a quant fund manager

PMS Bazaar recently hosted a webinar titled "Where Does Quant Fund Manager See Value in Today's Market?" featuring Sonam Srivastava, the Founder and CEO of Wright Research. This blog summarises the key takeaways from this informative session.

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16 Mar 2024

Large caps PMSes shine amidst moderate moves in indices during February

For the second successive month, key equity indices did not push ahead strongly. February saw the Nifty 50 TRI record 1.32% returns, while the BSE 500 TRI gave 1.66% returns. In the Alternative Investment space, out of 351 PMS Investment approaches, 128 PMSes outperformed the Nifty TRI, while 107 PMSes delivered more than the BSE 500 TRI.

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13 Mar 2024

All about quant investment strategies in alternative investment

A recent PMS Bazaar webinar explored Quant-based investments in India. Presented by Siddharth Vora of Prabhudas Lilladher, this session covered topics including - how quant investing works, the benefits of quant investing, Growing popularity of Quant Funds in India. Vora also briefed Prabhudas Lilladher's AQUA PMS Investment approach in detail.

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02 Mar 2024

Be mindful of behavioural biases on investments

PMS Bazaar published a special edition (magazine) with interviews and articles from various industry experts who shared their insights on the Indian alternative industry. Here is a write-up on the behavioural biases that impact investment decisions.

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01 Mar 2024

A Guide to Alternative Investment Funds

Alternative investment funds (AIFs) are seen as great wealth creators with untapped potential, offering superior returns through various investment strategies and risk management techniques. AIFs invest in diverse areas like real estate, venture capital, private equity, and stressed assets.

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01 Mar 2024

How do India's top fund managers achieve superior returns?

India's top PMS fund managers have consistently outperformed the market. Their secret? Among other strategies, it involves a combination of analysing fundamentals, stock selection, and strategic risk control, all aimed at maximising returns.

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29 Feb 2024

Rules and regulations for alternative investment: What it means to invest in Gift City?

Gift City offers tax heavens, access to foreign funds and thereby diversification of portfolio and streamlined regulations making the whole investment process smooth. All this makes Gift City a game-changer in unlocking global investment opportunities.

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28 Feb 2024

Portfolio diversification: Why it matters to combine Indian investors portfolio with global assets?

Diversifying an investor’s portfolio with a global portfolio can help in balancing the market volatility and potentially boost returns while aligning your portfolio with your dollar-based spending for long-term wealth creation.

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27 Feb 2024

Indian alternative investments: How do quant strategies help in consistent returns?

In alternative investments, the quant strategy has the potential to generate sustainable returns with its dynamic asset allocation and risk mitigation measures, eliminating emotional bias. But did you know? In India, less than 1% of assets are managed through quant, while it is 35% in the US. Read to understand about a style-agnostic quant PMS strategy that generates superior risk-adjusted returns.

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27 Feb 2024

What is the secret of multi-bagger returns for wealth creation?

While there are plenty of investment opportunities, identifying and investing in the right stocks is crucial for wealth creation. In this regard, focusing on managing risks with well-planned entry and exit strategies while navigating market volatility could help not only in wealth creation but also in constructing a portfolio of multi-bagger returns.

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26 Feb 2024

Alternative investment industry: Opportunities in the Indian market

Have you heard of the term PERMATAGA? This new concept explained by Vikaas M Sachdeva of Sundaram Alternates AMC denotes the alternative investment opportunities and how to capture them in the ever-changing market conditions.

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20 Feb 2024

India budget 2024: Key highlights

Unveiling India’s interim budget for 2024, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman struck a balance between pragmatic fiscal consolidation and targeted growth initiatives. The budget exuded stability and strategic direction, prioritising long-term economic well-being.

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20 Feb 2024

Long-only AIFs sizzle with nearly 9 in 10 funds beating Nifty in January

Equity markets were relatively unchanged in January, with frontline indices not moving much. The unravelling of the corporate earnings season and anticipation around the interim budget meant that the Nifty 50 TRI barely recorded 0.02% returns in the month, while the broader market BSE 500 TRI gave 1.92%. Small caps were back in favour during January after a dull December.

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19 Feb 2024

Indian Alternative Investments: Why is it the right time to invest?

India's strong economic growth, stable regulations, and large domestic market make it an attractive investment destination with diverse options. Among them, Alternative investments in India are especially compelling. Data shows that the Indian alternative investment industry (PMS & AIFs) has witnessed a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% over the past five years (FY19 to FY24).

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15 Feb 2024

Despite flat markets rally, 8 in 10 PMS approaches outperform Nifty in January

After markets rallied smartly in December, January turned out to be relatively flat for the indices. Inflation’s continued downward trajectory was positive for the markets. However, corporate results for the December quarter were mixed and hence markets were lukewarm.

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09 Feb 2024

PMSes Outshine Benchmark Indices, And Mutual Funds

About 79% of PMS approaches have beaten the respective benchmark and mutual funds over 10 years

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09 Feb 2024

Roles of different stakeholders in a business and their impact on an organisation

PMS Bazaar conducted another episode of the Sundaram Alternate Series. The discussion revolved around the topic “Managing Different Stakeholders in a Business.” To shed more light on this, Abhijit Bhave, MD & CEO, Equirus Wealth had an enlightening discussion with Vikaas M Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Arjun G Nagarajan, Chief Economist and Communication Manager – Investments, both from Sundaram Alternates.

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06 Feb 2024

What opportunities do the Small and Midcaps hold for investors?

PMS Bazaar recently organised a webinar titled “What Can Go Wrong in Small and Midcaps?” featuring Divam Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder, and Anuj Jain, CIO and Co-Founder, both from Green Portfolio. This blog covers the important points of this webinar discussion.

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29 Jan 2024

Top-down approach to investment and markets

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “Investment Opportunities for 2024 and Beyond: A Macro Top-Down Perspective,” which featured Amit Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Global Strategist, Pace 360. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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19 Jan 2024

December 2023: AIFs play it safe with modest returns

The stock market continued from where it left in November, with a steadily strong rally recorded in the month. December saw the markets move ahead as favourable electoral outcomes and global uncertainties on the macro front abated. Large caps came back in favour, while mid and small caps were somewhat lackadaisical in the month.

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16 Jan 2024

Large Cap PMS Takes Center Stage in December 2023

December continued to be a solid month for the equity markets. The indices were strong and continued on after a spectacular November. Expectations of rate cuts later in the year from Central Banks around the world as inflation comes under firm control was a key contributor, as was the positive verdict in the State elections.

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11 Jan 2024

Why consider Early-Stage Investments?

Investing in early-stage startups can be challenging, but Venture Capital (VC) funds bridge the gap between investors and promising young companies. These funds pool capital from multiple investors, allowing them to spread risk and leverage the expertise of specialized investment professionals who rigorously vet potential investments. In this blog let's understand the potential of early-stage investments and investment opportunities with Equanimity Investments.

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08 Jan 2024

Into the minds of family offices

PMS Bazaar's latest Sundaram Alternate Series episode explored the evolving wealth management landscape. Key topics included Client Associates' embrace of holistic wealth management, the changing trend from real estate to diversified financial assets, and the importance of disciplined long-term investing amidst market changes. The discussion also centred around the role of financial centres such as Gift City for international investments. This episode featured Himanshu Kohli, Co-Founder of Client Associates and Sundaram Alternates' Managing Director, Vikaas M Sachdeva and Arjun Nagarjan, Chief Economist and Communication Manager, Sundaram Alternates.

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03 Jan 2024

Why Fixed Income with Nifty @ 20K

In a recent PMS Bazaar webinar, "Why Fixed Income with NIFTY @ 20k," financial experts from Phillips Capital shared insights on navigating the market with a focus on fixed income.

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02 Jan 2024

Power of factor investing and how AI enhances allocation

PMS Bazaar recently organised a webinar titled "Power of Factor Investing and How AI Can Enhance Allocation," featuring Sonam Srivastava, Founder of Wright Research. This blog summarizes the key takeaways from this enlightening session.

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22 Dec 2023

Bull markets propel 58 of the 63 category 3 long-only AIFs outperform the Nifty 50 in November

Equity markets zoomed ahead in November as some of the concerns surrounding the rise in global treasury yields and escalating geopolitical tensions abated. There was broad market participation as the frontline blue chip, as well as mid & small cap indices, rallied.

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21 Dec 2023

As markets race ahead, 277 of 355 PMS strategies outperform Nifty in November

After a tough October, November was an excellent month for the markets. As government security yields in the US and even domestically fell over the month and as Central Banks turned more dovish on interest rates, frontline indices rallied sharply.

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18 Dec 2023

PMS Charges A Complete Guide to PMS Fees Structure

In India, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are offered with three PMS fee options - fixed-only, profit-sharing only and hybrid fee. Emerging as a favorable investment venue for high net-worth (HNI) and Ultra High Net-worth (UHNI) individuals, there is a lack of clarity on the PMS fee structure and how the investors are charged under each fee structure. PMS Bazaar recently conducted a detailed study on PMS fee structures and how portfolio managers charge in each case. This article consolidates the study with detailed illustrations of different PMS Charges offered by Indian portfolio managers for investors to make informed investment decisions.

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11 Dec 2023

Navigating market with Quant Investment Strategies

The recent PMS Bazaar webinar, "The Secret Sauce in Quant Investing," featuring Estee Advisors’ CEO Sandeep Tyagi, explored key insights into this often-complex investment strategy. He points out that while this approach is relatively new in India, quant investing boasts a robust history globally, supported by decades of research and established methodologies.

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27 Nov 2023

Market outlook, ASK investment philosophy, and ASK Growth Portfolio

In a recent webinar hosted by PMS Bazaar, Sandip Bansal, Senior Portfolio Manager at ASK Investment Manager, delved into the intricacies of the market outlook, the ASK investment philosophy, and the ASK Growth Portfolio. The webinar explored a broad spectrum of topics, including factors influencing equity market performance and India's economic landscape.

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25 Nov 2023

Amidst the market dip, 44 of the 56 category 3 long-only AIFs outperform the Nifty 50 in October

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) put up a fairly robust show during the month of October and most managed to get past standard benchmarks on the returns front, even as the markets correct due to adverse global cues and geopolitical tensions led the indices to lower levels.

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18 Nov 2023

Amidst declining markets, 224 of 346 PMS strategies outperform Nifty in October

In the month of October, PMS strategies put up a fairly healthy and demonstrated their resilience amidst turbulent markets. The rising treasury yields in the US and even in India played spoilsport with indices ending in the red for the month.

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25 Oct 2023

As indices rally, 27 of the 61 category 3 long-only AIFs outperform Nifty 50 in September

Amidst reasonably rallying markets in September, Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) put up an average fare. Two key Category 3 AIF strategies include long-only and long-short. The long-only strategies invest in local listed companies. They do not have any constraining mandates and are free to adopt any investment style and asset allocation pattern.

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16 Oct 2023

How to invest when markets are at an all-time high?

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “How to Invest When Markets Are at an All-Time High?,” which featured Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Torus Oro PMS. The webinar covered a wide range of topics, including insights on equity market investment, emphasizing the need to go beyond all-time market highs, consider valuation metrics, explore factor-based investing, and recognize opportunities in the infrastructure sector. It also delves into specific investment strategies like momentum and low-beta stocks.

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16 Oct 2023

As markets turn choppy, only 114 of 346 PMS strategies outperform Nifty in September

The month of September was a bit choppy, but equity markets still managed to end in the green. But PMS strategies weren’t able to take advantage of a rallying market and witnessed a rather weak month.

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09 Oct 2023

Risk and Reward How to Profit from Market Movements and Harness Market Volatility

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “Risk and Reward: How to Profit from Market Movements and Harness Market Volatility,” which featured Abhishek Jaiswal and Aalap Shah, both fund managers with Dolat Capital. The webinar covered a wide range of topics, including the dynamics of market volatility, the distinction between risk and volatility, India's economic transformation and challenges, the interplay of risk and volatility, strategies for capitalizing on volatility, long-term portfolio management, investment strategies and diversification in equity markets. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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29 Sep 2023

Discovering Opportunities in the Current Equity Market Scenario

As a part of the Alternates Universe Webinar Series, PMS Bazaar, in association with Sundaram Alternates, recently conducted an Exclusive Webinar with Ashish Shanker, MD & CEO of Motilal Oswal Private Wealth, as the guest speaker. This session was moderated by Industry Experts - Vikaas M. Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Karthik Athreya, Head, Product and Strategy, both from Sundaram Alternates. The discussion revolved around the current situation of the Indian stock market and what lies ahead for Indian equities. This Blog covers some of the key takeaways from this webinar.

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25 Sep 2023

A Deep Dive into the Early Stage Startup Ecosystem and Investment Strategies

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “A Deep Dive into the Early Stage Startup Ecosystem and Investment Strategies”, which featured Dr. Mark Mobius, Founder of Mobius Capital Partners, and Mr. Rajesh Sehgal, Managing Partner of Equanimity Investments. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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25 Sep 2023

Despite correcting markets, 60 of the 61 category 3 long-only AIFs outperformed Nifty 50 in August.

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) are thriving even in volatile and falling markets. Their performance in August is evidence of their resilient showing. During the month, category 3 long-only funds delivered robust returns. There are two key Category 3 AIF strategies, long-only and long-short. The long-only funds invest in domestic listed companies and have a transparent structure, without any restrictions on the investment universe or mandates for specific allocation patterns.

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18 Sep 2023

Key Themes Navigating the Next Leg of Growth

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “Key Themes Navigating the Next Leg of Growth,” which featured Mr. Nishit Shah, Find Manager, PhilipCapital PMS. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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18 Sep 2023

Amidst weak markets, 336 of 342 PMS strategies outperformed Nifty in August.

After four continuous months of rallying, the markets finally hit the brakes in August as key indices corrected a wee bit. But PMSes defied the trend and continued their healthy run despite weak markets. During the month, the 342 PMSes tracked delivered 2.62% on average. The benchmark Nifty recorded a -2.31% return in August, while the broader market BSE 500 TRI gave -0.61% in the month. The markets were hurt by the selling from FIIs, as they net sold Rs 20,620 crore in the cash market in August, even as DIIs prevented a slide by net buying for Rs. 25,017 crore.

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07 Sep 2023

Wealth & Asset Management: A Comprehensive Exploration of Opportunities & Challenges.

As a part of the Alternates Universe Webinar Series, PMS Bazaar, in association with Sundaram Alternates, recently conducted an Exclusive Webinar with Mr. Karan Bhagat, Founder of 360 ONE, as the guest speaker. This session was hosted by Industry Experts - Mr. Vikaas M Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, Fund Manager and Head of Portfolio Management Services, from Sundaram Alternates. The discussion revolved around the wealth and asset management sector, delving into the exploration of opportunities and challenges. This Blog covers some of the key excepts from this insightful webinar.

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28 Aug 2023

Navigating the Current Investment Landscape: Macro Top-Down Perspective.

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled “Navigating the Current Investment Landscape: Macro Top-Down Perspective,” which featured Mr. Amit Goel, Co-Founder and Chief Global Strategist, at Pace 360. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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24 Aug 2023

AIFs score: 53 of 61 category-3 long-only funds outperform Nifty 50 TRI in July.

A rising tide lifts many boats, or so they say. The steady rally in the equity markets that continued in July meant that Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) in category 3 delivered strongly in the month. Category 3 AIFs are predominantly of two types – long-only and long-short. The long-only funds that invest in listed stocks and are somewhat like mutual funds without attendant constraints are the most keenly followed from an equity perspective.

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19 Aug 2023

4x4 Wealth Multipliers for Investment Success and Risk Mitigation

Recently, PMS Bazaar released a magazine showcasing a series of articles authored by diverse fund managers. This blog offers a curated selection of article excerpts from Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, the Head of Equities & Fund Manager at Sundaram Alternates, to gain insights into his expertise and perspectives on wealth creation, growth, and returns.

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17 Aug 2023

As the market rally extends to the fourth month, 262 PMSes outperform the Nifty.

Continuing with the rally for the fourth straight month, the market indices rose to record levels in July. Though there was some weakness in the markets towards the end of the month due to rate hikes by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, equities still finished the month well. The Nifty 50 TRI recorded 3.03% return during July, while the BSE 500 TRI delivered a solid 3.95% in the month. The markets were buoyed by the buying from FIIs as they bought (net purchase) of Rs 13,922 crore in the cash market in July, even as DIIs net sold a bit.

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16 Aug 2023

Unveiling Emerging Economic Opportunities: A Glimpse into Indian Equities

PMS Bazaar recently unveiled a captivating magazine highlighting various articles by skilled fund managers. This blog covers the perspectives of Mr. Vijay Chauhan and Mr. Prabhat Ranjan, both Co Fund Managers at Right Horizons, on emerging economic opportunities in India.

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16 Aug 2023

Expert Market Outlook & Performance Update for First Quarter of FY 23-24 by Mr. Surjitt Singh Arora

PMS Bazaar recently conducted a Quarterly Update Interview Series, where Fund Managers shared their performance of the quarter and outlook on the market. This Blog covers excerpts of our Exclusive Interview with Mr. Surjitt Singh Arora, Portfolio Manager & Principal Officer - PMS, PGIM India, sharing his insights and performance for the first quarter of FY23-24.

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15 Aug 2023

Analyzing the Indian Market Outlook for FY24: A Conversation with Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal

PMS Bazaar has just released a magazine featuring articles & interviews from Fund Managers. In this blog, we've selected and gathered excerpts from an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal, the Fund Manager at Motilal Oswal Asset Management, featured in the Magazine, covering his expertise and viewpoints on the India market outlook for 2024.

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15 Aug 2023

A brief Conversation with Mr. Prateek Agrawal of Motilal Oswal AMC - Power of Compounding Wealth

PMS Bazaar recently conducted a Podcast Interview Series - "The Power of Compounding Wealth," where seasoned Fund Managers reveal their invaluable insights into financial success and wealth-building strategies. This blog covers the excerpts from the second episode of this interview series, with Mr. Prateek Agrawal, Executive Director, Motilal Oswal Asset Management, as the guest speaker.

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14 Aug 2023

Decoding the Market Rally: An Insightful Conversation with Mr. Madanagopal Ramu of Sundaram Alternates.

Recently, PMS Bazaar released a magazine showcasing a series of articles authored by diverse fund managers. n this blog, we've selected and gathered excerpts from an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, Head of Equities & Fund Manager at Sundaram Alternates, featured in the Magazine, covering his perspective and insights into the current market rally and its distinctive characteristics.

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12 Aug 2023

A brief Conversation with Mr. Rohan Mehta of Turtle Wealth - Power of Compounding Wealth

PMS Bazaar recently conducted a Podcast Interview Series - "The Power of Compounding Wealth," where seasoned Fund Managers reveal their invaluable insights into financial success and wealth-building strategies. This blog covers the excerpts from the first episode of this interview series, with Mr. Rohan Mehta, CEO and Fund Manager, of Turtle Wealth Management, as the guest speaker.

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08 Aug 2023

Unveiling the Founders Fund: The Path of Founder-Driven Success

Recently, PMS Bazaar released a magazine showcasing a series of articles authored by diverse fund managers. This blog covers excerpts from the article by Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal, the Fund Manager at Motilal Oswal Asset Management, Exclusively covering the Motilal Oswal Founders Fund.

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07 Aug 2023

Expert Market Outlook & Performance Update for First Quarter of FY 23-24 by Mr. Anil Rego

PMS Bazaar recently conducted a Quarterly Update Interview Series, where Fund Managers share their performance of the quarter and outlook on the market. This Blog covers excerpts of our Exclusive Interview with Mr. Anil Rego, MD & CIO of Right Horizons PMS, sharing his insights and performance for the first quarter of FY23-24.

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05 Aug 2023

Navigating Growth: Fund Managers' Expedition into Wealth Creation in the Indian Market.

Recently, PMS Bazaar released a magazine showcasing a series of articles authored by diverse fund managers. This blog offers a curated selection of article excerpts from Mr. Surjitt Arora, Portfolio Manager and Principal Officer at PMS, PGIM India, to help you gain insights into his expertise and perspectives on wealth creation.

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04 Aug 2023

Expert Market Outlook & Performance Update for First Quarter of FY 23-24 by Mr. Madanagopal Ramu

PMS Bazaar recently conducted a Quarterly Update Interview Series, where Fund Managers share their performance of the quarter and outlook on the market. This Blog covers excerpts of our Exclusive Interview with Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, Head of Equities, Sundaram Alternates, sharing his insights and performance for the first quarter of FY23-24.

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27 Jul 2023

Accessing Dynamic Strategies for Today’s Market

PMS Bazaar recently organized a webinar titled " Accessing Dynamic Strategies for Today’s Market Through Karma Magnolia PMS," which featured Mr. Rushabh Sheth, Co-Founder and Co-CIO of Karma Capital, and Ms. Ekta Mehta, Senior Fund Manager, karma Magnolia Fund as the keynote speaker. This blog covers the important points shared in this insightful webinar.

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08 Jul 2023

Asset allocation in the Alternates space

The most critical aspect of portfolio construction for investors of all hues is asset allocation. This determines the course for any investor’s journey towards their personal goals, more so in the alternatives space. To shed more light on this critical factor, Mr. Saurabh Jain, MD & Head, Wealth Management at Standard Chartered India had an enlightening discussion with Mr. Vikaas M Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, Head-Equities and Fund manager, both from Sundaram Alternates.

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21 Jun 2023

The bullish equity market helps 275 PMS Investment Approaches to outperform the Nifty

After a healthy performance in April, the month of May continued to witness an even better show from PMSes. As companies reported sound numbers for the previous quarter and with falling inflation, the equity market had a good run during the month, with key indices rallying smartly. The frontline bluechip index, Nifty, delivered 2.87% during the month, while the broader market BSE 500 gave 3.78% return. FIIs made net purchases of Rs 27,856 crore in May, the highest in recent months, propelling the market to higher levels.

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07 Jun 2023

An Overview of Global Alternative Investment Trends and Opportunities

The alternatives space is growing rapidly, across the globe, in many key advanced economies. This surge presents great opportunities for domestic investors to participate in and benefit from. To highlight the kind of potential in the global alternatives space, Umang Papneja, MD and CEO of Julius Baer India interacted with Vikas Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Madanagopal Ramu, Head-Equities and Fund manager, both from Sundaram Alternates.

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20 May 2023

Special Situation Strategy: Low risk with superior returns

Among the many investment strategies, there is a limited idea and clarity about how special situations can be used to make healthy returns. To demystify the strategy, Arun Malhotra, Founder, and CIO, CapGrow Capital Advisors, goes in-depth into Special Situation Investments and highlights the risk and return possibilities.

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20 May 2023

Rising markets ensure 214 PMS Investment Approaches beat Nifty in April.

The month of April finally ushered in a strong market as indices rallied sharply after a prolonged period of weak moves. As the results season unfolded, most companies reported healthy earnings growth, barring the IT pack. The Nifty recorded a robust 4.1% returns during April, while the BSE 500 delivered 4.59%. FIIs made net purchases of Rs. 5711 crore during the month, helping push markets higher.

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11 May 2023

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Surjitt Singh Arora of PGIM India - Blog Coverage

PMS Bazaar conducted an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Surjitt Singh Arora, Portfolio Manager and Principal Officer - PMS of PGIM India. This Interview is a Part of our Special Interview series, which will offer valuable insights from leading industry experts. In this Blog, we have extracted some key insights from the exclusive interview, for you to gain quality insights & investment perspectives.

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11 May 2023

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Anil Rego of Right Horizons - Blog Coverage

PMS Bazaar conducted an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Anil Rego, CEO and founder of Right Horizons. This Interview is a Part of our Special Interview series, which will offer valuable insights from leading industry experts. In this Blog, we have extracted some key insights from the exclusive interview, for you to gain quality insights & investment perspectives.

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05 May 2023

Trends in the Advisory and Alternates Spaces

Recent years have seen rapid technological advances in financial services, dynamic regulatory challenges, and product innovations. Amidst these developments, Lakshmi Iyer, CEO of the investment advisory business at Kotak Investment Advisors, shared thought points on the current trends in these topics with Vikas Sachdeva, Managing Director, and Madanagopal Ramu, Head-Equities, both from Sundaram Alternates.

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30 Apr 2023

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Madanagopal Ramu of Sundaram Alternates - Blog Coverage

PMS Bazaar recently conducted an Exclusive Interview with Mr.Madanagopal Ramu, Head – Equity & Fund Manager of PMS Bazaar. This Interview is a Part of our Special Interview series, which will offer valuable insights from leading industry experts. In this Blog, we have extracted some key insights from the exclusive session for you to gain quality investment insights.

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17 Apr 2023

Nifty records its first positive month in 2023, but only 91 PMS strategies outperform

After three successive months of negative returns, the Nifty just about ended in positive territory in March. In a month characterized by bank failures in the US and Europe, and amidst fears of a contagion hurting the global economy, the Federal Reserve quickly stepped in to create a rescue package for the banks and calmed the nerves of depositors and investors.

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16 Apr 2023

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Atul Mehra of Motilal Oswal - Blog Coverage

PMS Bazaar conducted an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Atul Mehra, Fund Manager of Motilal Oswal. This Interview is a Part of our Special Interview series which offers valuable insights from leading industry experts. In this Blog, we have extracted some key insights from the exclusive interview for you to gain quality investment insights.

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10 Apr 2023

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Karthick Athreya of Sundaram Alternates - Blog Coverage

PMS Bazaar conducted an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Karthick Athreya, Director of Sundaram Alternates. This Interview is a Part of our Special Interview series, which offers valuable insights from leading industry experts. In this Blog, we have extracted some key insights from the exclusive interview for you to gain quality investment insights.

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03 Apr 2023

How Fintech is Disrupting the Wealth Management Space

In an environment where technology is disrupting a whole host of financial services, can its impact on wealth management be far behind? Three seasoned professionals, Anand Dalmia, Co-founder of Fisdom; Vikas Sachdeva, Managing Director at Sundaram Alternates; and Karthik Athreya, Director & Head of Strategy for Alternate Credit at Sundaram Alternates discussed the impact fintech is having on a critical HNI investment space.

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27 Mar 2023

Decision-making on investments: The power of women fund managers in the AIF industry

This Blog is an excerpt from an Exclusive Webinar organized by PMS Bazaar, hosting successful women fund managers of the Alternative Investment Industry.

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15 Mar 2023

Indices continue to sulk, even as 205 PMS strategies outperform the Nifty

Equity indices had very little to cheer about in February. Despite the generally positive outlook on the economy and markets following the Union Budget, the Adani-Hindenburg saga weighed on sentiments. Another dampener was the Reserve Bank of India’s unexpected rate hike early in the month.

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15 Mar 2023

Private Market and Alternative Investments - An NRI Perspective

For NRIs considering avenues to invest and participate in the India growth story, here is a lot of useful information and perspective. Mr. Krishnan Ramachandran-CEO Barjeel Geojit Financial Services answered questions from Mr. Vikas Sachdeva, MD, and Mr. Madanagopal Ramu, Head-Equities, both from Sundaram Alternates, on the evolving investment opportunities.

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15 Feb 2023

Markets start the New year on a dull note, even as 171 PMS strategies outperform the Nifty.

Continuing with the weak momentum in the previous month, the markets continued to sulk in January. Given that it was a period running up to the Union Budget, markets were in an uncertain mode. All the main indices ended in the red during January 2023. FIIs continued to sell. They sold stocks worth Rs. 30,000 crore during the month. The Nifty as well as the mid and small-cap indices recorded somewhat similar performances in January. During the month, 171 of the 311 PMS strategies (a little over half) delivered better returns than the Nifty. Asset allocation would have worked, given that multi-asset fund strategies had a strong January.

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30 Jan 2023

Global Solutions for Evolved Investors

For decades, HNIs and UHNIs have preferred traditional investment options such as physical assets like gold and real estate, direct stocks, fixed deposits, and bonds. As the financial landscape has transformed in recent years, so has the way HNIs invest their money. Traditional investment options are being replaced in recent times by innovative investment solutions that take into account the risk-reward profile of the investor and assist the HNIs in preserving and growing their wealth. The emerging investment avenues where the HNIs are putting their money in recent times and are also expected to remain the key investment themes in 2022 are AIFs, MLDs, Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs, InvITs, as well as Pre-IPO securities, and offshore investments. They also necessitate a larger investment corpus and are typically handled by experienced and highly skilled wealth managers and fund managers who understand the HNIs' investment goals and expectations.

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23 Jan 2023

Key to Consistent Performance

Investing today is incomplete without talking about fund vehicles such as mutual funds. They offer many benefits, like easy access to financial markets, portfolio diversification, and ease of monitoring, among a host of others. When you invest in mutual funds, every investment decision that a mutual fund manager takes involves a degree of risk. Consistent performance over market cycles indicates experience and expertise to navigate a fund portfolio through tough times and generate superior returns when markets are climbing. Hence, it is also essential to pay attention to the portfolio characteristics of a mutual fund scheme, as the fortune of a mutual fund scheme is closely linked to the portfolio it holds. If the portfolio characteristics of the scheme are not up to the mark, it could show up in inconsistent returns. In this webinar blog, we shall discuss the Indian Market outlook for 2023, the Performance of PMS, the China Plus one strategy, the Performance of Indian IPOs, and the Indian Automotive Industry, among others.

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13 Jan 2023

Markets end on a weak note in December, but 211 PMS strategies outperformed the Nifty.

After a strong November, markets had a rather rough month in December, with all indices – large, mid, and smallcap – ending in the red. However, unlike in previous months, the BSE Small Cap and Nifty Midcap 100 fell less than the Nifty 50.

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09 Jan 2023

Opportunities in Equity Alternate Investments

It goes without saying that when it comes to money, everyone looks for growth. While traditional low-risk options are part of almost everyone’s portfolio, there are always other options worth exploring. These investments go beyond the scope of traditional financial investments and can bring in better-than-expected yields. The Indian derivatives market is in existence for a very long time. Today, financial derivatives have become increasingly popular and most commonly used in the world of finance. This has grown with so phenomenal speed all over the world that now it is called the derivatives revolution. In this blog, we discuss the derivatives market and how it works. Based on this backdrop PMS Bazaar conducted a webinar titled, “Opportunites in Equity Alternative Investments”. The keynote speaker was Mr. Nandik Malik, Head - of Equity Alternates, ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd. Mr. Malik discussed in detail the derivatives market, ICICI’s alternate investment strategies, and future opportunities in the derivatives market.

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26 Dec 2022

Investing in turnaround stories: How buying stocks at their all-time high profits and prices works

India’s benchmark indices are near their lifetime highs. After a period of consolidation and notwithstanding the recent correction, markets continue to rally. Often, we are told to be cautious at higher market levels. Should you invest in a stock when it is beaten down or when it is at an all-time high? Most would go with the former strategy for making money, as they believe that is the best chance for making solid gains. But that isn’t how great wealth is created. It is in buying turnaround companies where the changes have just taken shape and the stocks are at all-time highs price-wise and profit-wise that great gains are made, according to Rohan Mehta, CEO & Fund Manager of Turtle Wealth Management.

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15 Dec 2022

Falling inflation and crude prices lift Nifty, but few PMS strategies outperform

The rally leading up to Diwali continued with indices moving up strongly in November as well. Falling crude oil prices and cooling inflation rates propelled the markets, with the Nifty rising by a strong 4.14% in November. The move was mostly led by large-cap stocks. Midcap and small-cap indices underperformed, making the rise a narrowly led rally. However, the BSE 500 delivered a 3.32% return for the month, though it was still lower than Nifty’s move. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) net bought Rs. 22,546 crores worth of shares in November. In general, FIIs buy blue-chip index stocks, which may have led to Nifty’s outperformance. Green shoots of lower inflation in the US and Euro Zone aided positive sentiments. However, it was a weak show from PMS players during the month as only 36 of the 308 (less than 1 in 8) strategies outperformed the Nifty. However, 255 strategies delivered positive returns in November. Multi-cap PMS strategies dominated the list of top performers compared to other investment approaches. Funds with large-sized assets underperformed the indices in November.

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31 Oct 2022

Exclusive Outlook on India’s Outperformance and its Sustainability

Every major stock market has suffered net losses over the last year, but the Indian market has suffered less than most others. The S&P 500 index—the broad gauge of the US stock markets— is down 17 percent. Frankfurt’s DAX index is down 21 percent. The Shanghai Composite is down 15 percent. But the Nifty is down only 4 percent and even its US dollar-denominated twin, the Defty, is down only 12 percent despite the depreciation in the rupee during this period. Is there a clear explanation for the relative outperformance of Indian equities? This blog shall cover how the Indian equity market has outperformed global markets and in which areas.

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15 Oct 2022

Amidst Turbulence, 277 of 298 PMS Strategies outperformed NIFTY in September 2022

Having Q2 Results on the deck, India Inc’s profit is expected to shrink for the fourth straight quarter however there is a rising revenue momentum, which can be inferable from moderate price hikes and steadily rising volumes. The said expectations of the Indian market had translated into the index performance where NIFTY posted a fall of 3.74% in the month of September. Global markets are also confronting inflationary pressure on their earnings expectations yet with a higher degree of inflation when compared to India. The US stock market’s weakest month of the year is typically September when Dow 30 posted a fall of 8% and the S&P 500 also fell by over 8%. In the Indian Alternative Investment segment, the PMS strategies reacted to the market sentiments, yet managed the risk relatively well with 277 strategies (out of 298 Strategies) beating NIFTY in September. Many boutiques and smaller AMCs performed well this month, compared to the lukewarm performance of star fund managers this month.

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10 Oct 2022

Investing Through Cycles

Understanding how various types of stocks, bonds, and other assets have historically performed at various points in the business cycle may help investors identify opportunities as well as risks. This business-cycle investing approach differs from both short- and long-term approaches because shifts from one phase of the business cycle to the next have historically taken place every few months or years on average. This blog will discuss how knowing the cycle may help investors evaluate and adjust their exposure to different types of investments, as the likelihood of a shift from one phase of the cycle to the next increases. Historically, different investments have taken turns delivering the highest returns as the economy has moved from one stage of the cycle to the next. Due to structural shifts in the economy, technological innovation, regulatory changes, and other factors, no investment has behaved uniformly during every cycle. However, some types of stocks or bonds have consistently outperformed others and knowing which is which can help investors set realistic expectations for returns.

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03 Oct 2022

Investing Through Uncertain Times

If there is one thing that markets hate, it is uncertainty and with trade wars, political ructions, and mixed economic signals — not to mention a host of company-specific factors — it's tempting for investors to sit on the sidelines until the outlook becomes clearer. But, investors need to know how to invest through uncertain times and when and how soon uncertainty or the present market crisis will end. This webinar blog covers an interactive session with Mr. Samir Arora, in which he answered questions on topics related to Inflation, uncertainty in the Global markets, Recession, etc.

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26 Sep 2022

Indias Growth Super Cycle and Long-Term Themes

According to IMF data, the Indian economy would likely have the fastest real growth in Asia in 2022 and be the only one to experience nominal double-digit growth. This makes India the fastest-growing Asian economy in the Asian region in 2022–2023. In this blog, we shall describe India’s growth super-cycle, and where the Indian economy stands today

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15 Sep 2022

211 of 291 PMS Strategies outperformed NIFTY in August 2022

Amidst global turbulence, our Indian economy looks very stable & promising. With FIIs returning back strongly and NIFTY nearing 18K Mark, PMS strategies have capitalized on the positive market sentiment to generate a positive performance in August 2022. This August, almost 72% of PMSes outperformed NIFTY & just 3 of them returned a negative yield.

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05 Sep 2022

Wealth Creation from Sectoral Trends

The Asian Development Bank predicts that the Indian economy will expand by 7.5% in FY2022 and by roughly 8% in FY2023, supported by rising public infrastructure expenditure and a rise in private sector investment. Investors are prepared to devote a larger percentage of their savings to capital instruments in 2022 and are also motivated to invest in the growing industries in India. They are also inspired to invest in India's expanding industries. This blog will cover those sectors that will grow in the future in India and sectors that will flourish even more in the investing game, in the near future. Along with that sectoral Growth triggers and their impact, sectorial past performance is discussed.

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29 Aug 2022

How to Identify & Build High Growth Models?

The economy has recovered to close to pre-Covid-19 levels based on the growth in core industries and other high-frequency indicators. Contrary to the widespread perception that existed in April 2020 that large caps will outperform the mid and small caps, the markets are approaching pre-Covid19 levels, particularly in the mid and small size space. The high-growth portfolio is made up of high-growth companies, predominantly in the small- to the mid-cap range, and focuses on emerging themes in the future economy. In this blog, we brief you about high-growth stock models and strategies fund managers follow to make a portfolio grow in value.

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22 Aug 2022

Understanding Mark Trend - The Abakkus Way

The Indian economy has fully recovered to the pre-pandemic real GDP level of 2019-20, according to the provisional estimates of GDP released on May 31, 2022. Real GDP growth in FY 2021-22 stands at 8.7% which is 1.5% higher than the real GDP in FY 2019-20. These figures are associated with stronger growth momentum, indicating increased economic demand. India has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy in the world and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers globally over the next 10-15 years, backed by its robust democracy and strong partnerships. In this blog, we shall discuss India’s current market trend and how India is poised for robust growth, surpassing both emerging and developed markets

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18 Aug 2022

With Easing Inflationary Pressure, PMS Performance Surges in July 2022

Amidst the latest earnings downgrade of India Inc., July month saw a surge in the monthly returns of PMS schemes as the inflationary pressure is easing in the Indian economy. 166 of the 283 PMS schemes in the PMS Bazaar radar outperformed NIFTY and only one scheme out of them produced a negative monthly return in July 2022.

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15 Aug 2022

How Quant Strategies are Relevant in the Current Market Scenario?

The widespread application of quantitative investment strategies is a relatively recent trend. Over the past few decades, the field of quant investing has made significant advancements in the world of finance. Additionally, this field has been evolving to create new investment technologies that ultimately simplify the process. This webinar blog will provide you with a better understanding of quant investing and illustrate how it has been relevant in the current market scenario.

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08 Aug 2022

The New-Gen UHNIs and Evolving Advisory Space

The number of Indian ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNIs) having net assets of USD 30 million (about Rs 226 crore) and more has increased 11% last year on the back of buoyant equity markets and the digital revolution. India also ranked third in the billionaire population globally in 2021. Understanding this growing ultra-HNI segment in the wealth management landscape is very important, and this blog will give you an in-depth understanding of the UHNIs and evolving wealth management space.

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01 Aug 2022

Investing in Alternates Through the Market Turmoil

COVID-19 risks are fading, and mobility data indicates a return to normal across many developed economies. The re-opening was meant to create a burst of activity in the first quarter of the year, followed by a more modest economic expansion. However, with the rising inflation, growth risks are to the downside, and the only certainty in public markets appears to be volatility. In such situations, alternative assets play a crucial role as they can enhance returns while minimizing downside risks of portfolios. This blog covers alternative investments that can deliver differentiated sources of return, diversify a portfolio, and serve as an inflation hedge, as well as, provide potential income.

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25 Jul 2022

Are We Witnessing India’s Golden Decade Ahead?

India reported the highest foreign direct investment (FDI inflow) to the tune of $83.57 billion for the financial year 2021-2022. Despite the recent FDI Outflow narratives, FDI inflows have actually increased 20-fold in the last 20 years. Supported by GDP growth, favorable demographic inflection, and consistency of government policy, India has embarked upon a ‘Golden Decade’ journey of high investment, consumption, and growth. In this blog, we shall cover the major reasons and future projections that will make this decade a golden period for the Indian economy.

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18 Jul 2022

How to Balance Risk and Returns in Volatile Markets?

The stock market in 2022 has been one of the most volatile markets on record. The S&P 500 has seen a near 20% drop so far YTD, and the Nasdaq 100 has seen almost a 30% drop YTD. Markets are reeling under selling pressure due to the confluence of global negatives like the Ukraine war, Rising rates, commodity inflation, Covid resurgence in China, supply disruption, and geopolitical conflicts. With this volatility, how do you balance risk and return? This blog shall cover the relationship between market volatility, and return-risk balance, which will help you make better investment decisions.

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14 Jul 2022

Continuous Drawdown for the third month, PMS Performance Dips In June 2022

June month saw a dip in the monthly returns of PMS schemes due to ongoing global tensions on rising inflation and interest rates. Only 129 of the 279 PMS schemes in the PMS Bazaar radar outperformed NIFTY and just six schemes out of them produced a positive monthly return in June 2022.

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04 Jul 2022

A brief introduction to less explored Angel Investing Route

India is one of the top startup centers in the world, with over 50K firms in various growth stages. In 2021, the Indian startup ecosystem was booming, with up to 42 companies becoming unicorns and 11 companies going public, providing early-stage investors with significant gains. Angel investing has become more appealing to India's HNI investors due to these changes. In this blog, we shall cover the basics of angel investing, why angel investors must invest in startups, and why an investor’s portfolio must contain stocks of startup companies funded by angel investors.

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27 Jun 2022

How AI-Based Quant Funds Are Becoming Popular Among Fund Managers

Asset management has seen a rise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which has transformed the industry in many ways. It has improved the trading, risk management, and portfolio management processes by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Quant Funds are a sort of quasi-active, quasi-passive investment where the fund manager is in charge of the eventual investment decisions, but their actions are guided. Particularly, AI-based quant funds support the creation of portfolios based on precise risk and return. In this blog, we shall cover how competent fund managers make intelligent use of the actionable AI input to design quant funds to create long-term wealth for investors.

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20 Jun 2022

How to Navigate through Market Cycles?

Market fluctuations are inevitable, even if they might be upsetting, and no one can foresee when they will occur. Understanding how market cycles function will assist you in maintaining perspective in unpredictable times so that you can concentrate on your investment strategy tailored to your individual goals. This webinar blog will cover what market cycles mean, and how based on these cycles it is important for fund managers to devise an investment strategy customized to meet investors’ goals and objectives.

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15 Jun 2022

With Supply Shocks & Fed Rate Hikes, PMS Performance Dips in May 2022

May month saw a dip in the monthly returns of PMS schemes due to the war-induced supply shocks and inflation-induced Fed rate hikes. Only 40 of the 270 PMS equity schemes in the PMS Bazaar radar outperformed NIFTY and just one equity scheme out of them produced a positive monthly return in May 2022.

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13 Jun 2022

How to Capitalize on the "Manufacturing Shift”

Manufacturing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi initiated the "Make in India" campaign to put India on the map as a manufacturing center and give the Indian economy international prominence. Hence, India has the potential to become a worldwide manufacturing hub, with an annual contribution to the global economy of more than US$ 500 billion by 2030.

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06 Jun 2022

Why Market is going to be significantly different from what it has been in the past?

Generally, the equity market tends to go down to eventually go up and volatility is common in the equity market. Hence, any investor's success depends on having a well-diversified portfolio. As an individual investor, you must understand how to select an asset allocation that best suits your investment objectives and risk tolerance. By following a methodical strategy, investors can build portfolios that are aligned with their investment plans.

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30 May 2022

Achieving Long-Term Capital Appreciation Through PMS

A capital growth strategy aims to optimize the long-term capital appreciation of an investment portfolio by allocating assets to securities with high expected returns. Today, Indian fund houses are upbeat about the growth of the manufacturing sector, hence they are looking at investments in growth-oriented manufacturing sectors that will generate high returns. In this blog, we shall discuss Emkay Investment Managers’ latest strategy on India’s manufacturing sector, how the sector has been rebounding, and factors that have been contributing to the rebound and growth of the manufacturing sector.

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23 May 2022

Dynamic Asset Allocation – The Smarter Way to Navigate Market Volatility

Stock markets are volatile by nature which tends to make investors nervous about their exposure to one asset class, especially equity. To get your asset allocation formula right at all times, investors need to understand their risk appetite and choose the right strategy to build wealth in the long term. Dynamically managing asset allocation adjusts the mix of asset classes to suit the given market scenario. Based on the topic of Dynamic Asset Allocation, PMS Bazzar conducted a webinar, and this blog would discuss key insights discussed in the webinar, and how Dynamic Asset Allocation is an active part of fund management to respond to the changing market conditions on an ongoing basis.

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14 May 2022

210 PMSes Outperformed Nifty With 114 of them producing Positive Returns in April 2022

While the market was benign in march with NIFTY gaining 3.99%, it fell in April with NIFTY falling by -2.07%, maintaining a trending market. Factors like - the expectation of an increased pace in the Fed rate hike, the concerns over rising COVID cases in China, and the increasing Inflation - both globally and locally, contributed to this decline. When it comes to the PMS segment of the Indian wealth management Industry, 210 PMSes (Out of 273 PMSes monitored by PMS Bazaar) outperformed NIFTY and 114 of them produced positive returns this month. The Small-cap schemes emerged effectively this month, yielding an average monthly return of 2.75%.

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09 May 2022

Invest Globally into Disruptive Themes & for Dollar Diversification

Despite the trying time because of geopolitical tensions and the rise in inflation, experts are positive about the growth opportunities in the Indian Market. The recent IMF report has projected India as the fastest-growing major economy in the world and this adds credibility to the positive attitude of experts towards the Indian Market. “But, there are some opportunities, particularly around disruptions and emerging trends, which you won’t have access to if you are Investing only in India,” says Mr. Mihir Shirgaonkar, Fund Manager- Global PMS, Phillip Capital. According to him, to gain from disruptions and emerging trends outside India, Investors should diversify their portfolios with Global Investments.

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02 May 2022

Understanding the Ultra HNI Investors

Understanding the ultra HNI segment in the wealth management landscape is very important and this blog will give an in-depth understanding of this important investor segment. This is an excerpt from the 3rd episode of the Emkay Alpha Mavens video series presented by the founder and CEO of Sanctum Wealth Mr. Shiv Gupta

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18 Apr 2022

Tiding through the uncertain times while focusing on long term opportunities

Uncertainty is a harsh but unavoidable part of our daily lives, and it can cause anxiety, especially when it comes to financial management. Certain aspects of globalization can be beneficial, but when financial crises, wars, global recessions, trade imbalances, and other hazards arise, it is common to talk about transferring money to safer investments and rising government deficits.

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15 Apr 2022

PMS Performance – March 2022

With failed negotiations and no compromise in sight between Russia and Ukraine, the volatility-infested Indian stock markets were left oscillating in a range for most of March, although by the time the month and financial year ended, markets had regained some confidence and the benchmark Nifty50 ended 4% higher than February 2022.

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11 Apr 2022

Navigate Market Volatility The AAA way

For the better part of this year, we've been inundated with doom and gloom headlines, bouncing stock prices, and economic indicators that depict a less than rosy image. Any of these factors could lead us to consider selling our investments and avoiding more risk to our "nest egg." It's natural to worry about your finances on days when headlines and market changes are unsettling. But, it's more important than ever to resist emotional, panic-driven decisions and focus on the wider picture of your long-term goals.

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21 Mar 2022

Investment Opportunities Beyond 250 Companies

Companies with a market capitalization of less than Rs. 500 Crore are categorized as small-cap companies. Over 95% of Indian companies are considered small-caps. This type of company holds a rank above 251 and tends to perform during the initial phase of economic recovery and the stocks issued by such companies are termed small-cap stocks.

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14 Mar 2022

PMS Performance – February 2022

In February, stock markets around the world were jittery, initially due to concerns about interest rate hikes, crude volatility, and uncertainty about geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which eventually escalated into a full-fledged war when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, causing the biggest single-day crash of CY22 so far.

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14 Mar 2022

Steering Through Trying Times

Globally, equity across the world has seen a sharp fall. As per data from Jan 2022 till date, the steepest fall is seen was in Russia MSCI which has seen a 40% fall, along with we have seen the NASDAQ 100, comprising majorly of big tech companies, as well as S&P 500 growth index seen sharper falls when compared to other markets in the world. In India, we have seen mid & small-cap fall more than large caps if you see the Nifty 500 index has fallen by 5% at the start of this year, whereas small & mid-caps have been down by 9-10%.

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25 Feb 2022

The Scary Side of Super Quality Stocks Hiding in Plain Sight

Selling an investment idea is all about narratives and it is easy to push across an idea that is in currency. When you buy the wrong narrative, you end up making an investment mistake and these are the investment mistakes to avoid.

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15 Feb 2022

Budget Analysis and Morningstar’s Market Outlook 2022

Growth-oriented and pro-development, India’s Union Budget 2022-23 seeks to lay down the foundation of the economy for the next 25 years. Despite multiple waves of COVID-19 infection, supply-chain interruptions, and inflation, the Indian economy is anticipated to increase at a pace of 9.27% this fiscal year, indicating that overall economic activity has recovered from pre-pandemic levels.

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14 Feb 2022

PMS Performance – January 2022

Portfolio management services, or PMS, cater to high-net-worth customers and demand a higher professional fee than traditional mutual funds. It varies, however, from plan to scheme. A PMS account can be opened and held with a minimum balance of Rs 50 lakhs, according to SEBI regulations.

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07 Feb 2022

How New Age Fintechs are Looking to Disrupt the Wealth Management Space

The Fintech industry is made up of companies that provide technologies to improve and reinvent financial service solutions. The goal of such businesses is to make financial reporting processes easier, faster, and more efficient. Fintech is typically thought of as a limited-service with a large number of various financial technology solutions.

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30 Dec 2021

Identification of opportunities in the Indian Market - The Marcellus Way

This blog covers the insights shared by Key resource persons from Marcellus Investment Managers - Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea - Founder & CIO, Mr. Pramod Gubbi - Head of Sales, and Mr. Rakshit Ranjan - Portfolio Manager, at our exclusive webinar session

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27 Dec 2021

Why Long Short Funds Are an All Season Strategy

The need for any investment is to protect your capital, to grow your capital, and to pass wealth at an individual level for inter-generational transfer.

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20 Dec 2021

Global to Local Opportunity through PMS

When comes to investments, there are different types of investment products that are available in the market. Likewise, when we talk about PMS, there are multiple PMS offerings that are available. However, not all investors have the same kind of objective. Some are aggressive and some are on the conservative side. Therefore, it is important for you as an investor to try and understand the philosophy of investment products and if that philosophy suits you then that product can do wonders for you.

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13 Dec 2021

8 out of 10 PMSes Out-Performed Nifty in November

The Indian stock benchmark Nifty 50 fell 3.9% in November, but the declines in the broader market were gentler. Midcaps fell 2.7% while smallcaps were largely flat. Naturally, PMS strategies that usually spread their bets across the market performed better. As many as 219 PMSes out-performed the Nifty 50 in November, i.e. almost 83% of the PMS strategies tracked by PMS Bazaar. Due to the lop-sided nature of market performance this month, the best performing PMS strategies belonged to midcap, small & midcap, multicap, smallcap buckets. Here is a recap.

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17 Nov 2021

129 PMSes Beat Nifty in October

Smallcap, multicap and largecap schemes appear among toppers

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12 Nov 2021

Sustainable Returns Through Sector and Stock Rotation

“Sector rotation as a strategy is core to us. I have been a big follower of sector rotation whether it is at IFL or Quest and I believe that this is something which has gone through the different cycles of the market whether it is 8 or 10 years and practically it has seen the various ups and downs”, says Aniruddha Sarkar, CIO and Portfolio Manager, Quest Investment Advisors

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13 Oct 2021

140 PMSes beat Nifty's 2.84% gain in September

More than half of the PMS schemes, led by midcap strategies, out-perform the benchmark

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09 Oct 2021

Quant strategies in India: A 360-degree view and road ahead

If data is the new oil, data science is all about putting that fuel to drive returns in the investing field. Active fund management a couple of decades back was about the right connections and right network. Things have changed ever since. With corporate data, especially concerning listed companies, becoming widely available, access is no longer a problem. The toughest part of the investing game today is to be able to analyse data and come to decisions reasonably fast, as information asymmetry becomes scant. Thus, decoding the risk-return spectrum requires fresh perspectives.

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01 Oct 2021


Contrary to popular perception, the stock market isn’t rocket science. All the same, its risk-reward is significantly skewed. The creation of wealth is such that only 5 per cent of investors enjoy 95 per cent of the fruits. The rewards are immense if you consider that the SENSEX has grown 600 times in the past 42 years.

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22 Sep 2021

All You Wanted To Know About The Fascinating World of AIFs

Alternative Investment Funds or AIFs have become a buzzword for rich investors, of late. To spread awareness about this interesting investment product, Emkay Investment Managers and PMS Bazaar held a special webinar 'Emkay Dhan ki Baat - a 360° look at AIF products in India'. The mission of the webinar was to let investors learn the A to Z of AIFs from the experts.

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07 Sep 2021

'Single Asset Investing can Generate Wealth but at the Cost of Higher Risk'

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket": This is one line that has been used over decades to emphasise the importance of diversification. But when the going is great in one asset-class, it is easy to forget the basics. Take, for example, the domestic stock market which has been on a tearing run for many months now. After hitting nadir in March 2020, the Sensex/Nifty have gathered furious pace and are hitting new highs almost daily. This has prompted an entire generation of investors, going by the lakhs of demat accounts being opened, to be convinced that equity is the only asset to invest in!

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28 Aug 2021

Soonicorns, Unicorns and Listings: The Transformation of India's Public Equity Markets

The stories of Flipkart, Paytm, Nykaa and other start-ups that define India are well-known. In a small but significant way, these unicorns also represent the dreams and aspirations of a new breed of corporates since they have been built by first-generation entrepreneurs. They developed business models that would not only meet unmet needs of the masses, but also attracted huge bets from investing capital from around the world. As we have seen, many of these homegrown start-ups are going for public listings aka IPOs and thereby creating history again in the public equity market. To talk about this very interesting opportunity, PMS Bazaar recently hosted Avendus and its top leadership in a webinar titled 'The Coming Transformation of India's Public Equity Markets'. The speakers were Ranu Vohra, co-founder and executive vice chairman, Avendus Capital and Tridib Pathak, co-head of equity, Ocean Dial Asset Management India and fund manager, Avendus Olivo (PMS strategy). The insightful session was anchored by Sivaram.

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23 Aug 2021

'Confident that as recovery sets in, value investing will outperform'

Stock markets are hitting new highs every day. At this juncture, growth comes at a premium. Since the bulls are in firm control of markets, many new investors credit the buoyancy in their portfolios to markets. This couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, it is stocks and companies that ultimately create wealth. To emphasise this crucial point, PMS Bazaar and ICICI Prudential AMC held a special webinar on the topic: "Businesses generate wealth, not markets". The speaker at the event was Anand Shah, Head - PMS & AIF, ICICI Prudential AMC and the anchor of the session was Sivaram.

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12 Aug 2021

Over 250 PMSes beat Nifty in July

With 97% schemes out-performing the benchmark, focus turning on smallcap strategies that have done exceedingly well

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31 Jul 2021

How IDFC NEO AI model is redefining investing, portfolio management

The concept of AI was initiated in the 1950s, and the world has started to see how powerful and useful AI is when used appropriately. The advent of modern AI is often compared to the industrial revolution of the 1750s to 1850s, where the world took a quantum leap. Did You Know? You have been using AI based applications multiple times a day . Today, we carry smartphones, laptops, fitness trackers, and use food and travel apps. And all these applications generate data. A study conducted in 2016 suggested that globally, in every eight months, we are doubling the amount of data on the planet. It is not possible for human beings alone to collect and process large amounts of data to make reliable investing decisions. This is where AI or machine learning driven investment models come in. Who can explain this better than a data scientist with about two decades of experience in quantitative analysis and in building trading models! Meet Dr Chetan Mehra, Head – Quantitative Investments, IDFC AMC. In a special webinar organized by PMS Bazaar, 'Data, Portfolio Manager & Machine - The IDFC NEO Equity PMS Strategy' Dr Mehra shares his widom on the world of AI models and investing.

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21 Jul 2021

How Emkay spots emerging equity stars

Continuing our efforts to provide new financial insights, we hosted the first episode of an Exclusive AIF Knowledge Series a few days back. This new initiative from PMS Bazaar and Emkay Investment Managers 'Spotting Emerging Stars: The Emkay Way'. The insights were shared by Sachin Shah and Kashyap Javeri, fund managers at Emkay Investment Managers.

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14 Jul 2021

Over 200 PMS strategies outperform Nifty 50 in June

Top performers belong to Midcap, Smallcap and Multicap categories

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10 Jul 2021

Why Marcellus Bets Big On 'High PE' Stocks

Ever since its inception, Marcellus Investment Managers has been trailblazer. In many ways, it has challenged long-held notions. It has proven many wrong. Born with a mission to make wealth creation simple and accessible by being trustworthy and transparent capital allocators, the Marcellus investing team led by Saurabh Mukherjea and Rakshit Ranjan have sort of revolutionised equity investing. They have also remained deeply transparent about their dealings, which has won them many fans in the online and offline world. In a special PMS Bazaar webinar, we look at Marcellus PMS Portfolio CCP, LCP & KCP and also take questions from investors on key topics of discussion.

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21 Jun 2021

Emergence of a robust new asset class of high yield credit investment opportunities

Real estate means different things to different people. For the average joe, it is home. For a builder, it is raw material. For users, it can be office, property, warehouse, hotels and what not. From an investing perspective, Real Estate or RE makes imminent sense for Indian HNIs, family offices, NRIs and offshore capital pools. Real Estate asset backed investments bring something very refreshing to the table for investors. In fact, RE backed investing is emerging as a robust new asset class when you combine them with High Yield (HY) credit investment opportunities.

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11 Jun 2021

127 PMS strategies beat Nifty's 6.5 per cent May gain

Portfolios positioned towards multicap, small and midcaps out-perform

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02 Jun 2021

Everybody makes money at some point, repeating profit over cycles is more important

Time tests us all. In the investing world of cut-throat competition, it is unlikely that one will be successful over a long period of time. But, there are exceptions. In 1999, Lashit Sanghvi, Ashwin Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Hiren Ved founded Alchemy Capital Management and that institution has stood rock solid since then. Very few portfolio managers have been managing this money under PMS for such a long period of time. As of March 2021, Alchemy managed about $900 million assets across domestic and offshore mandates. So, when such experienced professionals share wisdom nuggets with investors, one better listen carefully.

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19 May 2021

The winning strategy at Rockstud Capital Investment Fund – Series I: FACT(H) & Early stage Startup investing

It is well known that India is a nearly $3 trillion economy (GDP) with a stock market that is almost nearly as big at $2.8 trillion. At a stock cap level, there are 100 large-cap stocks, 150 mid-caps, 666 small-caps and over 4,100 micro-caps. Such a representation may give an impression of many themes equally playing out at the same time. Rockstud Capital believes that or FACTh theme accounts for nearly 2/3rd of Indian stock market is the theme to be played for wealth creation.

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12 May 2021

Nearly 200 PMSes out-perform Nifty in April

Sector plays, small-cap, mid-cap and multi-cap strategies top charts

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15 Apr 2021

36 PMS strategies clock at least 100 per cent gain in FY21!

Most of these high-flying schemes belong to midcap, smallcap, multicap categories FY21 will go down in the history of financial markets as a year of difficulties. While markets crashed to lows at the start of the fiscal, it quickly recovered lost ground and soared like a phoenix rising from its ashes. As a result, investors who had the patience to remain invested in PMSes saw their wealth grow fast. Data collected for over 200 PMS strategies shows that 36 clocked at 100 per cent gain for FY21, with the top performers delivering blitzkrieg performance of 150 to 200 per cent. The superlative performance of PMSes, once again, debunks many myths surrounding this industry that has often been for taking risks. FY21 comprehensively proved that returns were significantly high as well for PMSes. Read on to know more.

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12 Apr 2021

PMS scorecard: 107 strategies outshine Nifty, Top PMS Strategies clock 8-16 per cent in March

Smallcap and Multicap show superior alpha generation capability

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31 Mar 2021

Consumer, Financial, Technology and Pharma Sectors will Create the Largest Market Cap for Next Decade

There is always a lively debate between believers of growth investing and value. Should earnings growth justify any price? Or P/E be the value seeker's ultimate tool across cycles? For many, such discussions can influence their next investment. But, Amit Jeswani, Founder and CIO, Stallion Asset Management has picked his side long back: gunning for growth. In a special webinar organised by PMS Bazaar on 'Wealth Creation For The Next Decades With Growth Investing', the expert shares very important lessons for growth investors, how his PMS co Stallion approaches investments, practical insights into how some of the biggest growth businesses work and much more. Hailing from a family of stock brokers, Amit has carved a niche for himself by growing Stallion first as a research firm and then as a credible PMS player.

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23 Mar 2021

"Sunil Singhania on the New Normal for Market Valuation"

Abakkus Asset Manager runs equity strategies in AIF and PMS platforms. Founded by renowned fund manager Sunil Singhania, who achieved great fame in Reliance MF, Abakkus has made a name in two years of its existence. In a special session organized by PMS Bazaar, Sunil and Aman Chowhan share with investors their take on US yield, current market valuation, Covid impact, Abakkus investment philosophy and much more.

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12 Mar 2021

"To win the investing game, understand the field"

In a special session organized by PMS Bazaar, two experts from Helios namely storied fund manager Samir Arora, and Dinshaw Irani, the CIO of Helios India, shared with investors their lessons and experiences over an hour-long interaction. The investing gurus asked investors to be flexible and challenge the common myths that float around. Samir is a very well-known and respected market voice. He shared his views on some of the assertions any investor would probably hear, and then tried to reveal the reality behind such assertions. Dinshaw explained the investing philosophy behind the Helios India Rising PMS. Read on to know more details.

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10 Mar 2021

Every 2nd PMS strategy beats Nifty's 6.6 per cent jump in February

Small-Cap, Mid-Cap Strategies outshine Large-Caps and broader markets

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09 Mar 2021

Women's Day Special: Spotlight on 7 Women Fund Managers of India's Growing PMS Industry

"A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water," once said Eleanor Roosevelt. This is one of the powerful quotes written on women. When the going gets tough, women get tougher. The toughness is hard-wired into them.

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28 Feb 2021

Outperform by Having the Right Company Doing the Right Things

About 10 years ago a tea manufacturing company using child labour was documented on a TV channel. Within a short span of time, their entire business collapsed as buyers, distributors etc. refused to work with a company that exploits children. That was 10 years ago. Today, ESG stands for ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance -- investing is being actively used by investors to apply non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. In a special PMS Bazaar one-hour session, Andrew Holland (CEO Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP) and Abhay Laijawala (MD Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP) talked about ESG investing trends and showcased their offering: Avendus Capital Large Cap ESG. Read on...

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15 Feb 2021

Why Your Portfolio Should Be Ready For The New Growing India

2020 taught investors many lessons and the new year started off on the right note with a unique Budget that lays out a vision for a new economy. Equity investing is built on optimism about the future. Yet, it is important to learn from the old ways. But when the country itself is on it way to transforming into something new, should investors still play the old themes? This all-important question was addressed by Aniruddha Sarkar, the CIO and Portfolio Manager at Quest Investment Advisors in a special PMSBazaar webinar. Bringing with him over 14 years of experience in the capital markets with diverse role managing money for investors across PMS, AIF and Advisory business, Sarkar shared interesting insights about the necessity to play the new economy, rather the new growing India. Read on know more.

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09 Feb 2021

70% PMSes outperformed Nifty; top funds generate 7-9 % in a bearish January

In this monthly review, we also look at how different PMS categories have done across more than 190 schemes

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29 Jan 2021

PMS Portfolio Deep Scan: What the study of 120+ portfolios reveals

PMSBazaar presents an industry-first analysis of the full portfolios of about 60% of India's multi-billion dollar PMS industry

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14 Jan 2021

PMS strategies won big in 2020; investors see 60% wealth jump

1-year data for over 180 funds shows a majority beating broad market index Nifty which was up 14.90%

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11 Jan 2021

Smallcap, Multicap PMSes Top Dec-20 Charts; 1 out of 4 Beat Nifty

PMSBazaar has compiled data for the largest number of PMS schemes numbering over 190 across more than 90 portfolio managers

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29 Nov 2020

'Markets are not cheap, but they are not expensive either'

The September quarter (2QFY21) corporate earnings season was a blockbuster one, with big beats and upgrades. Markets have run up too, thanks to a tsunami of money being pumped in. Foreign investors have put more than Rs 50,000 crore in November alone, taking the yearly total over Rs 1 lakh crore. The situation today is dramatically different compared to March-April when Covid-19 fear had gripped everyone, including markets that crashed. PMS Bazaar hosted Mitul Patel, Senior Vice President | Fund Manager – Portfolio Management Services, IIFL AMC in an exclusive webinar to discuss the way forward. Patel is in charge of IIFL Multicap PMS Strategy, which is among the best-performing this year. Here are the important takeaways.

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22 Oct 2020

Losing less is winning more

A saint was a sinner too. True knowledge can only be gained when people make mistakes. Of course, it matters a lot whether or not we learn from our follies. Meet Rohan Mehta, one of the youngest PMS fund managers in the billion-dollar industry, who openly admits the wrongs he did in the early part of his investing journey, and then smartly used those precious realizations to create investment systems that today manage crores of money. It is almost poetic justice.

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17 Oct 2020

PMSes rebound from March lows in style, top strategies clock 80 - 95% gain

Covid-19 induced selling had given a once-in-decade opportunity for patient investors

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09 Oct 2020

77% PMSes beat Nifty in September; top strategies clock 6-14% gain

Midcap and smallcap categories among best performers across equity segment; the six-month performance shows smallcaps capturing the biggest upside as markets rebounded from March lows

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28 Sep 2020

Why Multi Asset Strategy Is The Best Way To Navigate Markets

Investing legend Warren Buffett has always warned against putting all your eggs in one basket. But, thousands and lakhs of investors over the years have repeated this terrible mistake. What happens when all your eggs are in one basket? Returns become one big financial omelette!

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23 Sep 2020

3 Investing Themes That Work for Investors Eyeing 2025

The dream to hit a $5-trillion Indian economy is still alive. It was expected to happen in 2025, but then Covid-19 came and ravaged the path. But, green shoots are beginning to appear even though the number of sceptics questioning a quick recovery is also rising by the day. For long-term investors, these are trying times. Things appear at the cross-roads. Noise levels have risen sharply. At these times, it pays to remain focused and fixed on your investment goal. Those who can keep their eye on the big picture will win hands down. Those who adjust at the slightest discomfort will remain unhappy. In an exclusive webinar with PMS Bazaar, Madanagopal Ramu, Fund manager - Equity, Sundaram Alternates talks about 3 long term investing themes. Read on to know more...

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16 Sep 2020

In any 5-year period max wealth is created when a smallcap becomes midcap, and midcap becomes largecap

After lying low for quite sometime, midcaps are back with a bang. In just the last 3 months, the S&P BSE Midcap index is up 20%, out-performing even the Sensex. But, midcap investing is not about 3 months or 12 months. One needs to give due time to midcaps to flourish. If one can give 5 years, there is a 50% chance that a midcap company can emerge into a largecap corporation, and grow your wealth in a big way, says Rakesh Tarway, Portfolio Manager, Motilal Oswal AMC in an exclusive PMS Bazaar webinar. In an insightful session spread over one hour, Tarway, who has 17 years of experience in equity markets as analyst and head of research, shares investing lessons about midcaps and discusses the Motilal Oswal Focused Midcap PMS strategy. Read on to know more.

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10 Sep 2020

PMSes, led by smallcap, hit it out of the park in August upto 25% gain; majority beat Nifty in 1-yr

Consistent performance helps portfolio managers out-perform markets across various time periods, underlining the utility of PMS in a wealth portfolio

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08 Sep 2020

Promoters have a hundred reasons to sell but have one major reason to buy

One of the major differences between developed markets and India is the way management and owner(s) operate. In countries like the US and Europe, the ultimate owner/promoter of a listed company and executive management are different. But, in India management and ownership are often married to each other. So, when the promoter raises their stake in a company, there should be a lot of interest in knowing why that happened. "Promoters may have a hundred reasons to sell, but they usually have one major reason to buy," says G. Maran, Executive Director, Unifi Capital in an exclusive webinar with PMS Bazaar.

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31 Aug 2020

How this student of Raghuram Rajan makes clients rich in a PMS set up to manage own wealth

A little-known known PMS is making waves these days. Meet Sameeksha Capital whose PMS strategy consistently finishes among the top funds with substantial leads over the Universe average and median. Not just that, on a rolling three year period basis, it has remained amongst the top performing PMSes on a consistent basis with a large delta over universe average. The corporate office of Ahmedabad-based Sameeksha, which is Hindi for thorough analysis, is humbly nestled in a tony locality literally a stone’s throw from Astral Poly, AIA Engineering, Symphony, and Zydus Wellness --- four companies that have created huge shareholder value.

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29 Aug 2020

Decoding the latest SEBI Portfolio Managers regulations

In an exclusive knowledge webinar with PMS Bazaar, CFA Society India's Sanjay Parikh and Piyush R Singh take portfolio managers through the latest norms in performance reporting and highlight new requirements in the Regulations

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18 Aug 2020

S(hhhhh)ecrets of Smallcap Success

In an exclusive webinar with PMSBazaar, Sandeep Daga, Founder, Nine Rivers Capital shares his little-known 'private equity' approach to picking, nurturing and exiting smallcaps that delivered 22.3% CAGR since inception in Dec-2012 compared to mere 4% of Nifty Smallcap 100.

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08 Aug 2020

PMSes clock upto 16% gain in jubilant July; 1 year gains of top performers cross 50%

75 out of 180 strategies beat Nifty that clocked 12.3% gain in the last 3 months. Read on to know how different PMS categories have performed in various period...

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04 Aug 2020

How To Profit From Significant Consolidation Across Financial Services Sector

India is at cross-roads. Massive disruptions in the financial sector await. The conventional business model of poorly run banks, including the public sector lenders and opaque private sector NBFCs, is ripe for a reset. Read on to Know more..

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31 Jul 2020

The nuts and bolts of making money in fintech startup investing

Besides speaking about the – PETT framework, Varanium NexGen Fund's Aparajit Bhandarkar talks about how the AIF platform provides a lucrative way to earn outsized returns from venture capital investments.

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30 Jul 2020

PMSes with falling cash holdings outnumber those who maintained or raised moolah

There are 8 PMSes who have zero cash in their portfolios at the end of June; only 1 strategy now holds more than 50% cash compared to 2 in May

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20 Jul 2020

Tracking top stock holdings changes in India's multi-billion dollar PMS industry

133 PMS Strategies reported 205 unique stocks in their disclosed portfolios, with single-stock weight as high as 29.75% in a strategy. In this monthly insight piece, we take a detailed look at the most-owned stocks, unique picks, sectoral preferences and stock allocation weights for June 2020.

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08 Jul 2020

PMS investors that braved March massacre get up to 56% in Apr-June; 1 year gains as high as 36%

55 PMSes out of 170 beat Nifty that clocked 19.8% gain in the last 3 months; Strategies clocked upto 23% spurt in June 2020

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29 Jun 2020

IIFL’s Multicap PMS consistent out-performance backed by their cautiously-optimistic approach

It is quite inspiring to hear out the convictions of the out performers during the current uncertainties. Mr. Mitul Patel’s cautiously optimistic approach is evidenced by consistent out performance of IIFL PMS strategies. Read on to get inspired by the optimism of Mr. Mitul Patel.

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29 Jun 2020

Portfolio Managers get time till October 1 to comply with new SEBI norms

In a welcome move, Portfolio Managers have been given a 3-month additional extension to comply with new norms relating to fees and charges, direct client on-boarding, nomenclature of ‘investment approach’, performance reporting, documents disclosure etc.

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24 Jun 2020

Is Cash The King For Portfolio Management Services ?

Out of the 144 PMS strategies that disclosed cash, 47 have between 5% & 10% while 5 strategies are completely invested i.e. zero cash as on May 2020. In this article, we will look at, among other things, how strategies are placed with cash, changes in cash positions, and also put the spotlight on those who display extreme positions in terms of cash holdings as % of assets.

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22 Jun 2020

Who Owns What: Top holdings of PMS Managers

PMSes have nearly 200 unique stocks in their disclosed portfolios, with single-stock weight as high as 32% allocation in a strategy. In this article, we take a detailed look at the most-owned stocks, unique stocks, sectoral preferences and stock allocation weights in May 2020.

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14 Jun 2020

Here is solid proof that PMSes beat MF equity funds in alpha generation

The gold standard of measuring an investment's success is alpha i.e the extent of out-performance over the benchmark return over a period. This logic makes a lot of sense. Investors pay fees to the investment manager to out-perform i.e. get bang for the buck. After looking at the data for the last 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years, we have conclusive proof that PMS is a good vessel to generate alpha and they also beat MF equity funds. Read on to know why we are saying this.

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09 Jun 2020

Average returns of PMSes outperform Benchmarks in May-2020

The month of May saw benchmark indices drop by 2.8% after nearly 15% spurt in April; the best performing PMS strategy in May delivered 3.6% positive return. Read on to know how different categories did against each other and the benchmarks.

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08 Jun 2020

Consistent Alpha is achieved through focused execution– Says V Jayaram– Joindre PMS

In a recent webinar conducted by PMS Bazaar, Mr. V Jayaram, Chief Investment Officer and Fund Manager, Joindre PMS, revealed the philosophy and methodologies followed to achieve consistent Alpha. Jayaram went on to explain interesting finer details of stock selection. Read on to know his insights of market opportunities, trends, Indian economic reforms and its impact on Portfolio Management.

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05 Jun 2020

AIFs get time till Aug 7 for regulatory filings

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) have just got a major compliance burden off their back for some more time. Markets regulator SEBI has given another relaxation in compliance norms to AIFs in terms of regulatory filings. This paves the way for AIFs to do regulatory filings of March, April, May and June 2020 before August 07, 2020.

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01 Jun 2020

From Goldman Sachs to White Oak: Why Prashant Khemka Remains A 100% Equity Advocate

It is not every day that one gets to hear the wisdom of someone who managed Wall Street money. Mr. Prashant Khemka is the Founder of White  Oak Capital currently managing an AUM of US $ 1.7 Billion investing in Indian equities. PMSBazaar hosted the market maven's webinar recently, where Khemka shares his insights and takeaways.

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25 May 2020

Deep dive into top holdings of PMSes

Read on to know Who Owns What, Which Sector Is Hot/Cold, Cash & Portfolio Changes

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14 May 2020

PMSes deliver up to 26% in April, but find out how many beat benchmarks

After a terrible market in March, April saw PMSes rise from their ashes like a phoenix. The harder a portfolio was in March, the rebound was stronger. Portfolio managers delivered up to 26.1% return in April 2020. Find out how many beat the benchmark ....

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08 May 2020

Sadhguru of Indian stocks has a simple strategy to keep your cool in these volatile times

Get inspired from Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal's candid speech with optimism on Indian Equity Markets & GDP growth potential of 9% to 10% post Covid-19 – Portfolio Management Services Webinar on – “Economy and Market Outlook & the Way Forward”

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18 Apr 2020

Impact of COVID on the Economy Markets and Marcellus PMS Portfolio

Ascertain whether the foundations of Indian economic recovery are in place? Is India on the verge of the 5th Economic Boom? Why it makes no sense to time the entry/exit of CCP?. Here is an Excerpts from the Exclusive Webinar on " Impact of COVID on the Economy, Markets, and Marcellus PMS Portfolio" by Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea & Mr. Rakshit Ranjan, Marcellus Investment Managers - PMS

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03 Apr 2020

Do you know that PMS offers SIP STP SWP SWITCH TOPUP?

We are surprised to note many are not aware that PMS provides all the flexible options available in the Mutual fund industry. Yes, many PMS Companies provide SIP/STP/SWP/SWITCH/TOP UP options .....

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10 Mar 2020

5 - Attributes you should look-for, to select your PMS

Experience in good & bad cycles, adaptable to changing global orders with ability to innovate, technological adherence, process mapping & implementation and the ability to look beyond the temporary and short-term volatility are the 5 Attributes to select your PMS.

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08 Mar 2020

Women Portfolio Managers in PMS

The tradition portrays women as better money managers domestically. Wealth derives from rather Goddesses than Gods as per the belief of many ancient cultures and religions.

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05 Feb 2020

Best Performing Portfolio Management Services (PMS) 2019

PMS bazaar, on behalf of the Investor Community, appreciates the PMS Top performers. It is with lots of pride that we recognize their performance, and we have awarded the Top-3 PMS Performers of the calendar year-2019. These are the PMSes Toppers of The Tumultuous Times.

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05 Feb 2020

What Asset Allocation is ? and what it is not ? by Shankar Sharma

The key to successful investing, over the long term, is to have every major Asset Class in your consideration set: The word Asset Allocation is bandied around rather casually these days. Hence it is important to understand what Asset Allocation is not. Understand from Mr. Shankar Sharma, Vice Chairman & Jt. Managing Director, First Global.

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04 Feb 2020

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) - Category 1 - The New Age of Investing

AIF CATEGORY 1 - The New Age of Investing. What worked so far doesn’t work anymore. Have you realigned your portfolio to this new reality yet? India has changed and continues to change at a rapid clip. Businesses, and hence, your portfolio, has to keep pace. A 10% to 20% exposure of your portfolio to AIF Category 1 funds or directly to startups is ideal – Gain more knowledge from the exclusive article by Mr. Rajesh Sehgal, Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments

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04 Feb 2020

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) - Category-II Potential of Indian Real Estate

AIFs Neither Face The ALM Mismatch Nor Are Impacted By The Credit Squeeze. Hence, In The Current Scenario, Where Fresh Disbursements Have Been Tough For NBFCs, AIFs Have Not Been Impacted. The Current Crisis Presents A Great Opportunity For AIFs Who Could Partner With Large Developers At Really Attractive Valuations/Prices. Gain more knowledge from the exclusive article by Mr. Sharad Mittal, CEO, Motilal Oswal Real Estate

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04 Feb 2020

AIF LONG-SHORT FUND Can AIF Long Short Funds Smooth Out the Short term conundrums of Equity Portfolios?

Most important value add of long-short portfolios is a superior client experience because of consistency of returns. Long-short portfolios fall between traditional debt and traditional equity in the risk-return spectrum. A common misconception is that leverage is used to amplify risk, whereas in practice long-short funds use leverage to dampen risk by taking short positions. Gain more knowledge from the exclusive article by Mr. Nalin Moniz, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Alternative Equity and Business Head, Alternative Equity, Edelweiss Asset Management.

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