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More than 50% PMS schemes beat Nifty in May; small & midcaps lead the charge

Published on 18-06-2021 by moneycontrol

85% portfolio management schemes beat Nifty in April, multicap funds outperform

Published on 18-05-2021 by moneycontrol

From Sageone to Anvil Wealth, most PMS schemes beat Nifty in April

Published on 16-05-2021 by Business Standard

Lockdown Disruptions Will Be Short Lived Equirius PMS

Published on 19-04-2021 by ET NOW

Where are the ultra rich investing Over 20 stocks from top 5 PMS funds outperformed Nifty in March

Published on 16-04-2021 by moneycontrol

Half the PMS schemes trail Nifty 50 in FY21 clutchful offer 100 percent returns

Published on 15-04-2021 by Business Standard

50 per cent PMS schemes beat Nifty in March, multicap funds shine

Published on 13-04-2021 by moneycontrol

Over 50% PMS schemes outperform Nifty50 in February, shows data

Published on 14-03-2021 by Business Standard

50% of PMS beat Nifty in February, mid & small-cap funds lead the charge

Published on 12-03-2021 by moneycontrol

Category 3 alternative investment funds beat Nifty returns in January

Published on 28-02-2021 by Business Standard

What's on offer in Portfolio Management Services?

Published on 16-02-2021 by Business Line

Large-cap PMS schemes fall behind benchmark index returns in January

Published on 11-02-2021 by Business Standard

Pre-Budget jitters pummel 70% PMSes into the red in January; large, multi-cap funds bleed the most

Published on 10-02-2021 by moneycontrol

PMS biggies flop again; small midcap strategies steal the show

Published on 09-02-2021 by The Economic Times

Over 20 stocks from top 5 PMS schemes outperformed Nifty in December; worth a look?

Published on 28-01-2021 by moneycontrol

Stellar gains Nearly 70 percent PMSes outperform Nifty in 2020 6 funds in the red

Published on 22-01-2021 by moneycontrol

75% of PMS fund managers failed to beat Nifty in Dec; even biggies falter

Published on 15-01-2021 by Economic Times

44 PMS schemes outperform Nifty in December; mutli-cap funds lead the show

Published on 13-01-2021 by moneycontrol

Around 62 percentage PMS strategies lagged Nifty50 in November shows data

Published on 23-12-2020 by Business Standard

Stocks that helped these PMSes make big money for HNIs in Nov

Published on 12-12-2020 by Economic Times

Only 18 PMS schemes beat benchmark in October 30 percent fell into the red

Published on 11-11-2020 by moneycontrol

Look what clicked for the PMSes that made big money since last Diwali

Published on 11-11-2020 by Economic Times

Making money for the wealthy 20 PMS schemes gave 50-100 return in just 6 months

Published on 15-10-2020 by moneycontrol

77 PMSes beat Nifty in September says PMS Bazaar top strategies log up to 14 gains

Published on 15-10-2020 by CNBC TV 18

Top PMS schemes beat market blues in September to rise up to 14 MoM

Published on 12-10-2020 by moneycontrol

Six month report cards show PMSes making dollops of money for ultra HNIs

Published on 12-10-2020 by Economic Times

Raining returns Long only AIFs beat long-short strategies in August

Published on 06-10-2020 by Business Standard

Your PMS world has just changed and how

Published on 01-10-2020 by Economic Times

In one year until August 31, 3 of 4 PMSes beat Nifty index, says PMS Bazaar

Published on 22-09-2020 by CNBC TV 18

Smallcap PMS strategies delighted the rich with solid returns for August

Published on 08-09-2020 by Economic Times

Customised for HNIs

Published on 04-09-2020 by Business Today

Big Story | A guide to investing in PMS schemes

Published on 29-08-2020 by Business Line

Sebi tightens disclosure rules for PMS, seeks distributor commission details

Published on 27-08-2020 by Economic Times

What's fuelling smallcaps? Index rises over 80% in five months, outperforming major indices

Published on 27-08-2020 by CNBC TV 18

10 PMSes outperform Nifty in July, says PMS Bazaar; midcap, smallcap funds surge most

Published on 26-08-2020 by CNBC TV 18

Over 20 stocks from top 5 PMS schemes outperformed Nifty in July; worth a look?

Published on 19-08-2020 by moneycontrol

All but two PMS schemes post gains in July, but most underperform Nifty

Published on 11-08-2020 by Business Standard

Machines beat men in PMS mart to deliver solid returns to rich investors in July

Published on 10-08-2020 by Economic Times

Top PMS schemes clock double-digit gains in July; smallcap & multicap funds become favourites

Published on 10-08-2020 by moneycontrol

PMS schemes' cash levels fall in June as benchmark indices rebound

Published on 01-08-2020 by Business Standard

PMS cash holdings decline in June as market sentiment improves

Published on 27-07-2020 by moneycontrol

Indian hedge funds lag market surge amid Covid spike and lockdown

Published on 22-07-2020 by Business Standard

Making money for wealthy 24 stocks from top 5 PMS schemes outperformed Nifty in June

Published on 15-07-2020 by moneycontrol

PMS schemes gain in June 70 percent beat Nifty over one year shows data

Published on 09-07-2020 by Business Standard

PMS investors generate 56 percent profit in April June 55 out of the 170 beat Nifty

Published on 09-07-2020 by CNBC TV 18

PMSes deliver over 50 percent return for Q1 but a few high profile ones lag

Published on 08-07-2020 by Economic Times

Over 20 stocks from top 5 PMS schemes outperformed Nifty in May; worth a look?

Published on 23-06-2020 by moneycontrol

HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank among top 10 stocks most widely owned in PMS schemes

Published on 23-06-2020 by CNBC TV 18

91 of 133 PMS strategies beat benchmarks in one year shows data

Published on 16-06-2020 by Business Standard

Not a rich deal! Woes spilled over for most PMS alpha chasers in May

Published on 12-06-2020 by Economic Times

PMSes allocate more than 5 percent of portfolio to these 50 large and midcaps

Published on 04-06-2020 by moneycontrol

Cash holdings of PMS schemes dip in April as markets rebound data shows

Published on 27-05-2020 by Business Standard

Cash holdings of PMS schemes decline in April

Published on 27-05-2020 by moneycontrol

Long only alternative investment funds outperform in April shows data

Published on 24-05-2020 by Business Standard

Top 5 PMS scheme managers bought these 25 stocks in April worth a look

Published on 13-05-2020 by moneycontrol

33 PMS schemes outperform Nifty in April amid COVID-19 gloom; pharma fund tops the list

Published on 08-05-2020 by moneycontrol

PMSes thrilled rich investors in April with up to 26% returns

Published on 08-05-2020 by Economic Times

PMS debt assets double since FY15; investors seek reassurance on holdings

Published on 02-05-2020 by Business Standard

High conviction ideas? Stocks top PMSes betting on are worth a look

Published on 21-04-2020 by Economic Times

The Market Podcast | Saurabh Mukherjea gives 3 mantras for stock picking amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Published on 17-04-2020 by moeycontrol

18 stocks from top 5 PMSes outperformed Nifty in FY20; worth a look?

Published on 15-04-2020 by moneycontrol

First Global plans, Kotak among top PMSes that beat market meltdown

Published on 13-04-2020 by Economic Times

Covid-19: Quality PMS portfolios will help weather this downturn better

Published on 12-04-2020 by Business Standard

HNIs net buyers amid volatility with Rs 1,392-cr inflows in 15 sessions

Published on 27-03-2020 by Business Standard

How the high and the mighty got hit! 94% PMSes fail to log returns in Feb

Published on 12-03-2020 by Economic Times

PMS vs Mutual Funds: What’s the difference after SEBI’s rule changes on portfolio services

Published on 04-03-2020 by Financial Express

Three things that make AIFs way more complex than mutual funds

Published on 03-03-2020 by Livemint

PMS players experiment with pay-only-for-profit model, skip fixed fees

Published on 20-02-2020 by Business Standard

Special situations helped this PMS hit the jackpot in Jan; here’s how

Published on 14-02-2020 by Economic Times

SEBI trims PMS charges, asks for direct plans to be made available to investors

Published on 14-02-2020 by moneycontrol

Over 100 PMS schemes outperform Nifty in January, top 8 give double-digit returns

Published on 13-02-2020 by moneycontrol

PMS Bazaar Awarded TOP Three Performers as 'Star Performer (PMS)' for 2019

Published on 06-02-2020 by Business Standard

Marcellus delivers 30% returns, beats Sensex gains during same period

Published on 06-02-2020 by Business Standard

30% return in just about a year: What is this fund manager's investment mantra?

Published on 05-02-2020 by Livemint

High Risk, High Reward

Published on 12-01-2020 by Business Today

28% return in a bad market! Look who made most money for the rich in 2019

Published on 10-01-2020 by Economic Times

Over 40 portfolio management schemes outperform Nifty in 2019; multi-cap category a winner

Published on 09-01-2020 by moneycontrol

Largecap portfolio management schemes rake in moolah for investors in 2019

Published on 31-12-2019 by moneycontrol

Making money for wealthy: 26 portfolio management schemes beat Nifty in 2019

Published on 27-12-2019 by moneycontrol

Top 20 stocks where the ultra-rich are parking their money; do you own any?

Published on 23-12-2019 by moneycontrol

Smart money already moving into concentrated portfolios seeking alpha

Published on 20-12-2019 by moneycontrol

PMS firms woo clients as hike in investment threshold looms

Published on 17-12-2019 by Economic Times

Wealthy investors made 10-27% gains from multi-cap schemes in 2019; should you bet?

Published on 11-12-2019 by moneycontrol

Only 50% of rich men’s wealth managers made money on D-Street in Nov rally

Published on 09-12-2019 by Economic Times

Top HNI fund managers still made big money in equities in a bad year

Published on 13-11-2019 by Economic Times

39 PMSes outperformed Nifty in October; pharma-focused fund tops the list

Published on 11-11-2019 by moneycontrol

Mid, smallcap-focused PMSes played catch up with largecap peers in Oct amid tax cut-fuelled rally

Published on 11-11-2019 by Economic Times

MC Special Podcast | Hold tight as earnings likely to see a turnaround in the H2 FY20

Published on 04-11-2019 by moneycontrol

MC Special Podcast | Good news! All economic parameters would show signs of revival in next 3 quarters

Published on 26-10-2019 by moneycontrol

Forget gloom and doom, cataclysmic changes create great opportunities: Bharat Shah

Published on 25-10-2019 by Economic Times

Closing Bell: Sensex closes above 39,000, Nifty below 11,600; Bharti Infratel, Grasim top losers

Published on 24-10-2019 by moneycontrol

MC Special Podcast | Focusing on value investing is the road to wealth creation: Amit Mantri

Published on 23-10-2019 by moneycontrol

When I see a bear market I say it; others talk about it in the bathroom: Shankar Sharma

Published on 23-10-2019 by Economic Times

In India, while choosing stock, just worry about the integrity: Raamdeo Agrawal

Published on 23-10-2019 by Economic Times

Approaching a stock with a multibagger mindset is arrogance, says Bharat Shah

Published on 22-10-2019 by Economic Times

MC Special Podcast | For double digit growth in your portfolio, time to invest is now at lowest point of GDP

Published on 21-10-2019 by moneycontrol

PMS industry wary of Sebi plan to raise investment limit to Rs 50 lakh

Published on 18-10-2019 by Economic Times

79 PMSes across large, mid & smallcaps outperformed Sensex in September

Published on 09-10-2019 by moneycontrol

PMS AIF Summit 2.0 - Curtain Raiser | Daniel GM To ET NOW

Published on 07-10-2019 by ET NOW

PMS Bazaar Launches Much Awaited PMS & AIF Event - PMS & AIF Summit 2.0

Published on 30-09-2019 by Business Today

Smart investing: 40 PMSes across large, mid & multicap outperformed Nifty in August

Published on 16-09-2019 by moneycontrol

Money managers for the rich play for long term, reap gains

Published on 13-09-2019 by Economic Times

PMS Bazaar & EbixCash Partner for India’s 1st All-in-One Investment Portal

Published on 26-08-2019 by Nasdaq

Sebi proposals to make portfolio management transparent, investor friendly

Published on 13-08-2019 by Business Standard

Double whammy for HNIs: After tax hit, PMSes let them down in July

Published on 12-08-2019 by Economic Times

80% PMSes stumbled in June; midcap, smallcap schemes all bled; largecap ones better off

Published on 11-07-2019 by Economic Times

Online portal PMS Bazaar launched

Published on 12-10-2017 by Business Line

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