Narnolia, is in their 23rd year of financial services, having traveled two decades of their journey from a leading financial intermediary of Eastern India to a name-to-reckon-with at the National and Global arena, with their satisfactory track-record. Narnolia has managed to develop one of the best of the products, systems, processes, and technology. Narnolia Financial Advisors Limited (NFAL) is SEBI registered Portfolio Manager with over 100 years of combined & unique experience and knowledge amongst its leadership. The sole aim of the company is to generate superior and consistent risk-adjusted returns using a process and data driven multi-asset, multi-strategy framework while placing clients first.

Fund Managers

Mr. Shailendra Kumar


Mr. Shailendra Kumar is associated with Narnolia and has over 20 years of experience in research and fund management. Under Mr. Shailendra leadership, Narnolia has developed a wide spectrum of category-leading onshore and offshore investment products ranging from both capital protection to growth-oriented funds. Mr. Shailendra is also the editor of Market Twitter and India Quant Analytics, a publication on quantitative statistics and structure of the Indian equity market. He has also created over 69 indexes including India's most broad and comprehensive "EW All-Share Index" and the very first "EW Islamic Index". Mr. Kumar holds post-graduate degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


Narnolia - India 3T - MULTI CAP

India 3T follows a proprietary Multi-Cap Fundamental & Quantitative Model that processes multiple years of P/L, BS and cash flow data of companies resulting in portfolio of India Story based Growth and Midcap Biased stocks. The strategy strives for active alpha generation through investing in companies with rising relative growth and valuation. In India 3T, we identify investments within M (Momentum in Earnings) C (Capital Allocation Strategy) Q (Qualitative Financial Ratios) framework which looks at rising momentum in the fundamentals (not necessarily price) of the company.

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