Scient Capital

Endeavour to meet the growing needs of Indian and Global investors who need an increasingly sophisticated set of innovative products to meet their investment mandates. Company Offerings are designed to complement investor’s core portfolio. On debt side, these include high-yield debt and intermediate-yield debt which complement debt mutual funds and tax-free bonds. The equity side covers early stage venture capital and international investments which help investors diversify beyond listed Indian equities.

Fund Managers

Mr Ramesh Rachuri

CIO & Business Head

Ramesh Rachuri  brings in over 14 years of experience across markets ranging from forex, equity derivatives and quant, to the entire panoply of debt sub markets ranging from g-secs to credit and structured products. Post his PGDM from IIM, Indore, he worked with Securities Trading Corporation of India Ltd, Reliance Mutual Fund and Reliance PMS, and BOI AXA Mutual Fund. He has demonstrated excellence in operationalizing new verticals while scaling them up into sustainable & profitable operations.

A particular focus has been to incorporate quantitative techniques in fund management, and fund strategy to extract value from size and trading environmental changes.


Scient Capital - Aries PMS - DEBT

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