Mr. Madanagopal Ramu

Fund Manager

Mr. Madanagopal Ramu currently manages an AUM of over Rs.1300 Cr of Sundaram Portfolio Management Services. Madan joined Sundaram Mutual fund in 2010 as a Research Analyst. During his tenure, Madan has made rapid progress in Sundaram AMC. Madan became Head of Research in April 2015 and started managing funds from January 2016. Madan is a qualified Cost Accountant and is also a Master’s of Business Administration. Madan has vast experience being Head of Equity Research for Sundaram AMC Ltd. Madan work as the Joint Fund Manager for Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund, Sundaram Equity Multiplier, Sundaram Value Fund series of close-ended funds and Sundaram Long Term Tax Advantage series of close-ended funds. Value Research ranked 4 stars for Equity Multiplier Fund and Infrastructure Advantage Fund is ranked B2B by CRISIL. Both the above-mentioned funds are quartile - 1 funds based on their last one-year performance.

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