SBI Growth With Values

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As one of our research process, PMS Bazaar team has recently visited SBI Fund House to analyse their PMS strategy - “SBI GROWTH WITH VALUES”. Below are the take away on SBI Growth with values PMS

From R to L (Ms.Aparna Shanker –Fund manager, Daniel GM & Pallavarajan R, founders PMS Bazaar)

Fund Manager : Ms. Aparna Shanker

Industry experience: 25 years

Aparna joined SBIFM in 2007 as a research analyst and was subsequently promoted as a Portfolio Manager.

Prior to joining SBIFM, Aparna was a research analyst with Sahara Asset Management and Birla Global Finance for four years. Aparna started her career in 1989 with UTI Asset Management. She had been associated with the investment and fund management team of UTI for over 11 years. Aparna is a Science graduate and also a graduate in general law from Mumbai University. She also holds a Masters degree in Finance and a post graduate diploma in Treasury & Forex Management from ICFAI University.

Strategies Investment Objective :

The Investment objective of SBI Growth with Values portfolio is to generate long-term capital growth through investment in well-researched stocks.

Portfolio Attributes :

Investing in companies meeting positive standards of Environmental, Social, Governance responsibility.Will focus on niche businesses having conducive universe for multi-fold growth with longevity. Invest in companies which are disproportionately high beneficiaries of Economic Growth

Portfolio positioning

HIGH CONVICTION: Invest in businesses which benefit disproportionately by underlying economic growth, present in universe conducive for multi-fold growth. Expected to grow at high double digit in next 3-4 years and be out-performer to the underlying sector.

GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE : Respecting the interests of all stakeholders
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : Company’s dealing with employees, customers and communities are cordial
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY : Avoid Environment destructing businesses


STEP 1 :
Qualitative Factors
STEP 2 :
External Analysis
STEP 3 :
Quantitative Factors
STEP 4 :
Investment Thesis
STEP 5 :
Investment Decision
Analysis of business model Geo-Politics and its impact on business Derive Quality Score
with input of ROE,
ROIC, Earnings Risk and Debt repayment capabilities
Financial analysis of last 5 years Market cap bucket fit
Impact of Macro-economic variables on the business model Channel checks Building investment thesis Stock weight allocation based on degree of conviction
Company analysis based
on factors including Porter’s Five Factors
Management Meetings Valuation model Entry and exit points
Sell-side research interaction Work place /Plant visits Target price Dissemination of new information
Strategic fit with other stocks in the portfolio Ongoing monitoring

SBI Growth With Values Performance & Allocations

AMC CATAGEROY STRATEGY NAME 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year Since Inception Inception Date
SBI MULTI CAP GROWTH WITH VALUES 0.27% -0.75% 20.08% 14.78% 11-Jul-16

* All performance above are as on 31st MAY 2018

To know more on the product, We have scheduled a live webinar with Ms. Aparna Shanker on 30th June 2018.
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