Marathon Trends Advisory Private Limited is a SEBI approved Portfolio Management Service (PMS) led by Atul Suri, who has over 25 years of experience in the Indian equity markets. Our lead PMS product MEGA TRENDS has been developed as a result of over two decades of trading, investing and applying that learning to deliver a unique combination of long term trend following with an overlay of fundamental analysis. Atul Suri, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, began his journey as a Fundamental Analyst in 1990 and moved on to Equity broking , Technical Analysis and finally to Trading and investing. In his years at RARE Enterprises, he evolved his unique style of managing money based on the method of long term trend following, inspired by Ed Seykota’s philosophy. Having interacted very closely with some of the largest wealth creators in Indian markets, he believes the key to success is not whether you use fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Success only comes to those who adhere to the sound principals of Money management and Risk management, which are classical and relevant across time, geographies and markets.

Fund Managers

Mr. Atul Suri

CEO – Portfolio Manager

Mr. Atul Suri has over 25 years of experience in trading and investing in Indian equities. He started his career as a Fundamental Analyst in 1990, with one of India’s first Equity Research driven fund houses, Parag Parikh Financial Advisory services.

In 1994 he secured a Masters in Banking and Finance from UTS Sydney, Australia. It was at UTS that he was introduced to technical analysis as part of his studies on Foreign Exchange (FOREX) trading. On his return to India, he moved into Institutional Equity Sales with Birla Sun Life Securities, where he later set-up and lead the Private Client Group business.

In 2003, Atul established Marathon Capital, a company focused on trading Index futures. In 2008 he joined RARE Enterprises, a family office of Mr. Rakesh Jhunjunwala, as a Technical Analyst and managed an Independent Book and had a great opportunity to learn from the masters. In 2017 he moved on to running his own Portfolio Management Service (PMS) Marathon Trends Advisory where he is the CEO and CIO.


Marathon Trends - Mega Trends - MULTI CAP

The objective of the strategy is to create wealth, by consistent compounding in long term and keeping drawdown low. Large and Midcap approach. The allocation is a maximum of 20 stocks. Long term trend following, consistency in earnings & price. Other than that it has a long term approach to create wealth.

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