Philip Capital

PMS of PHILLIP Capital comes as an answer to those who would like to grow exponentially on the crest of the stock markets, with the backing of an expert. Salient features of PHILLIP Capital PMS includes professional management, focused portfolio construction, hassle free investing and transparent process.

Fund Managers

Mr. Nishit Shah

Portfolio Manager

Mr.Nishit is a triple graduate with more than 13 years of experience in equity markets. He has been successful in identifying themes and stocks that have provided multiplier returns. He has worked with some of the most respected Wealth Management companies in India including Motilal Oswal.  


Phillip - Emerging India Portfolio - MID CAP

The portfolio aims to invest into socially responsible companies and avoid companies that engage in activities that are deemed to be against beliefs. The emphasis is to invest in a diversified portfolio across market capitalization to generate returns over medium to long term. Investment attributes includes investment in a diversified portfolio of Large, Mid & Small Cap.

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Phillip - Signature India Portfolio - MULTI CAP


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Phillip - Star Portfolio - MULTI CAP

The investment objective of the portfolio strategy is to generate capital appreciation over the long term through investments primarily in mutual fund schemes. The strategy shall invest into equity mutual schemes across the market capitalisation and investment philosophies and create a focused portfolio construct of 4-6 equity mutual fund schemes.

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