Smallcap, Multicap PMSes Top Dec-20 Charts; 1 out of 4 Beat Nifty

PMSBazaar has compiled data for the largest number of PMS schemes numbering over 190 across more than 90 portfolio managers

11 Jan 2021

With 2020 year ending on a high, PMS investors signed off the eventful year on a cheerful note as portfolio managers reported upto 12.8% return in December-20. Smallcap, Multicap PMSes topped charts with double-digit monthly gains. Overall, 1 out of 4 portfolio strategies outperformed the 7.8% ascent in Nifty in December, a sign of how PMSes have emerged as a robust alpha generator.

PMSBazaar, which compiles initial data for over 190 PMS schemes across more than 90 managers, has chronicled the rise and rise of PMS as a tool for wealth creation over the years. December 2020 was in sync with the recovery seen in markets after the 'vaccine developments' globally.

Dec-20 in review

The narrative in financial markets has definitely shifted from despair to hope. Countries around the globe are fine-tuning their vaccine roll-out strategies, as Coronavirus is booted out at a rapid pace. Though some countries/regions like the U.S., Britain, Germany still reel from the virus, domestic equities in India have long shrugged off the impact of Covid-19.

In December, the Indian benchmark indices again touched new highs. The Nifty was up 7.8% for the month. In comparison, S&P BSE Smallcap rose 7.2% while the S&P BSE Midcap gained 5.7%. As a representation of multicap portfolios, the S&P BSE 500 advanced 7.7%.

PMS strategies had a great month. None of the 191 PMSes reported negative returns. 44 PMSes out-performed the Nifty.

Best performers

The best performing PMS in Dec-20 was Negen Capital Small Cap Emerging strategy with 12.83% gain. As the name says, this is a smallcap strategy.

It is followed by Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers Equity Fund with 11.51% rise. This is a multicap scheme. Credent Asset Management Growth Portfolio delivered 10.94% advance. This is also a multicap strategy.

Concept Investwell Legend is the 4th best with 10.86%. This is a largecap strategy.

The 5th best is TCG Advisory Services Multicap Fund with 10.85% return.

Also in the top 10 list are Stallion Asset Core Fund (up 10.52%), SageOne Core (up 10.40%), Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediaries Ace Multicap (up 10.2%), Ambit Inv. Advisors Coffee Can (up 10.00%) and Nafa Asset Managers Emerging Bluechip (up 9.81%).

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Category specifics

For the purpose of this article, we are mentioning only those categories which have at least 4 funds. This means we will not be mentioning arbitrage, multi asset, ETF categories. Debt strategies are also being ignored.

In the 5-member Large & Midcap category, the best scheme is Emkay Investment Managers Emkay Lead with 8.1% gain.

In the 19-member Largecap category, Concept Investwell Legend is best with 10.86% gain in Dec-20. Among Largecap PMSes, 9 strategies, including Ambit Inv. Advisors Coffee Can and Right Horizons Indian Business Leader, beat the respective largecap index (Nifty).

In the 19-member Midcap category, Nafa Asset Managers Emerging Bluchip is the best with 9.81% rise. As many as 9 Midcap PMSes, including Motilal Oswal Focused Midcap and Right Horizons Super Value, beat the S&P BSE Midcap index.

In the 107-member Multicap category, Basant Maheshwari Wealth Advisers Equity Fund is the best performing strategy with 11.51% gain. Overall, 27 Multicap PMSes, including Credent Asset Management Growth Portfolio and TCG Advisory Services Multicap Fund, out-performed the S&P BSE 500 index in Dec-20.

In the 5-member Sector fund category, Kotak Fintech is the best scheme with 8% rise in December 2020.

In the 10-member Small & Midcap category, the three best strategies are Valentis Advisors Rising Star Opportunity (up 9.29%), Edelweiss Focused Smallcap (up 9.2%) and JHP Securities Incredible India (up 8.52%).

In the 13-member Smallcap category, Negen Capital Small Cap Emerging is the best with 12.83% jump. Only three Smallcap PMSes were able to beat the S&P BSE Smallcap benchmark this month.

Lastly in the 5-member Thematic category, Green Portfolio Dividend Yield is the best strategy with 7.66% rise.

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