Pelican PMS is the Portfolio Management Service offered by GoCapital Finance Ltd (initially known as Calibre Financial Services Ltd) located in Chennai, India. Pelican PMS offers discretionary and non- discretionary services to clients on a sustainable basis.

Fund Managers

Mr. Deepak Radhakrishnan

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Deepak is the Portfolio Manager of Pelican PMS. He is a seasoned investment professional with over 16 years experience across Equity research and Fund Management. His earlier assignments include managing mutual funds, private and corporate portfolios in India and abroad.



Pelican PE strategy Investments/exits are made in a timely manner based on pre-determined Nifty PE levels in Quality Large cap/Market leaders. Strategy Increase/decrease exposure depending on overall market valuation. On the downside, strategy average-out their BUY price. On the upside strategy Exit near the potential Top (not at the TOP).

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